Saturday, March 19, 2011


*Doubting*Why my font style still the same*sad*

1, 2, ... 5. Wow! My blog has been away for 5 days, believe me, y'all have no idea how much I wish could blog for the past five days. But, I get stuck with work for the week. I've so many things to blog, hum, four or five, six like that*laugh*. Well, depends. 

Right now, I'm addicted to the above song and keep play this song*laugh*, Hey, it's so true, WE'RE actually NOTHING, at all, by NAMEWEE, I guess everyone know him, right? It's a video regarding about the disaster in Japan, Tsunami. What a hot, top and popular topic nowadays. Japan is still suffering with nuclear plant radiation by the effect of Tsunami, and Japan even snow now, what, it's march now, huh!(Information get from Thurs's NHK WORLD newspaper). It's a really great and meaningful song or else I won't keep listening right now and I'm sincerely pray for Japan, again. But, I personally feel that it won't be come the end of the world, yea, no evidence. It's just my point of view! Well, appreciate everything and everyday, people*smile*.

Okay, just purposely here to shout, I miss blog*wink*. So, will be back and stay tuned ya*wink*.


  1. This song is meaningful! We really nothing at all, 人类永远抵不过大自然! Why some human still do something that hurt another human! They sure care about the earth first! :D