Friday, March 11, 2011

an optical Illusion

It's so hard for me don't blog, although it's 2.33am right now. Well, still feel the spirit tough, just can't stop writing = blogging. Consider I'm addicted to blog, again*laugh*. Kind of the feel like when turn on the head, don't wanna to stop it. Moreover, it's a good thing, too, right? *BL*

Let's back to the topic, hum, I admit it's not a very new topic, I guess you guys know what I wanna to show and most of you must be seen those pictures or might play. But, it's always very feeling amazing for me. Wonder why it'll be like that?! 

The woman  is real or in the puzzle?
(my opinion: is in the puzzle but look like real)

The column is round or square?
(I saw both)

Where is the lion?
(Where? I don't know?)

Count the black dots!
(can't! Keep on moving here and there)

Is a static or moving?
(Moving, but it's suppose to static!)

Do you see the picture has a face?
(Nope, din't?)

Focus on the dot in the center and move your head backward and forward
(Dan, let me play before, I remember it's exam period, I don't even need to move my head , but move itself, this shown i'm stress! true.)

Twelve or Thirteen?
(both!!!! why?)

Said to be able to see 9 faces, there'll be 180 IQ
(I just can found 5 of it, you?)

married couple or head grunt?
young lady or old lady?

a pregnant woman or a man?

okay last, what did you see??
Click the here to get source
Well, I guessing you saw a couple in an intimate love position, huh?
Research (no specific) has shown that young children can't identify the intimate couple because they don't have prior memories associated with such scenario.
Those innocent children'll see 9 dolphins in the pictures. Apparently, if you can't see the dolphins within 6 seconds, you may be a sex-crazed manic, AMG(Ah, my goddess) Help!
So, found it? small and dark dolphins, has big and small. 

Just wanna shown here and then conclude my little thoughts with the optical illusion. And that's all for what I'm gonna shown. I'm so impressed by the art itself , it might taken some work on it and  the optical illusion also test of our perception, don't it? Just like the last one! It's strongly give to me in the face of life could've different point of views, as so to speak, the beautiful young lady or ugly old lady in the picture, just like when something happened, it's depend on you wanna to choose a good sight too see (positive way to think) or bad sight to see (negative way to think), as simple as that*giggle*. Or some pictures you may take longer time to find out the request, but doesn't mean others take the same time like you do or longer than you. Some pictures you can't find but others can. This has shown different people think differently, agree? LOL.

Still feel like wanna to play? or for those who feel bored and nothing to do?
click this 2 links to have a look then*smile*
There's many links for you to test your perception and visual. 

Have funs friends,


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