Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nature Owlet (MNS shop)

Good evening, friends, bloggers, blogwalkers, blogeeps(blogger+peeps). How yall day doing? Wish yall have a nice day*wink*. *urgh*Another 3 days away from my blog, again*sad*.Cannot be, man! I've so much March grandpa or grandma story to crap about. 8 posts!!! Don't wanna delay and bring it all  till next month*angry*.

Okay, so now, where and am I stuck at? Here, helping Dan to unpack all the stocks in his shop, hum, my pictures speak thousand words, BL

See, Dan almost bring whole shop to go for Raptor Watch event*crazy*. Imagine we unpacked for nearly one week*laugh*. No choice, because customers and suppliers continuously coming into shop that time. 

And yupe, an important of book supplier from UK, John Beaufoy was meeting Dan. ( This is how the shop look like to welcome him, LOL. It's messy, yea but it's also showed that Dan brought his books to the Raptor Watch event though.
From left to right, John Beaufoy and Ken. Well, they just walk through all the stocks or books, then hands on their hips and look here and there. LMAO. Believe me, it's look so fun. 

He is CK, hum, another distributor, as I know he also purposely dropped by to meet with John. 

Okay now, this is how they meeting*tongue*. They just talking and chatting only. 

I think my busy is finally come to an end*laugh*. No more accuse with not to blog or delay*smile*. Oh yea,  that's just Thailand's master card from one of the customers, I mean credit card. So beautiful with the design, I like it*thumps up*. Banking & Finance students, good idea to do our assignment.

p.s: Change back the page text I wanted, Verdana*happy*


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