Friday, March 25, 2011

Brunch @Levain Boulangerie•Pastisserie

Hello, blogeeps it’s time to new update*wink*. Promise to update yea*smile*Levain, look familiar?  It’s a French restaurant name.

Well, it’s a new place for us; I mean 3K crazy gang, ha! Sound great, we love to discover new place and then enjoy together. Crap, who else don’t love, ha, ignore it*tongue*? Okay, we had a little gathering to have our brunch and also spending a little crazy time there on 20th March 2011.
Hmm, I have nothing else to write so just proceed to pictures and let me just crap according to the pictures or just let the pictures speaks then*embarrass*.

*chick chack*Photo time!
Playing comic strips, mm, I mean just make the bubble talk for fun*laugh*. The first time I made, it was very long time ago, click here and check it out, LOL.

*Chewing* Ngom Ngom Ngom~ mmm~~~~yummy~~~oishii neh(delicious in Japanese)~~~
Food time!

The food is neither cheap or expensive which is what we still can affordable*happy*.

1. Mushroom cream Pasta
2. Eggplant tomato sauce Pasta
3. Chicken Bolognaise Pasta
4. Seafood Aglio-Olio

My two pretty model

Tomato Soup
Potato Salad

The breakfast for me and Dan. Their Name as below*laugh*.

Macaroon, believe me, it's so nice! but, a lil bit expensive.
1-5 pieces, cost RM3.60 per each piece.
6-9 pieces, cost RM3.30 per each piece.
1-10 pieces, cost RM3.00 per each piece.

The way too delicious to eat*wink*.

 Crazy time!!!

I've no idea, what we laugh at, but I like the smile!

Group photo time !!!

Find our clothes? look at the colour. Black, white and gray, I swear we didn't manage to do so, it's from our 默契!!!Awesome!

Another good memories, Again!

Oh yeah, it’s located at Jalan Imbi, if yall known the road of going to Time Square, it should be no problem for you to get the place*smile*, as I know, after pass the Prince Court and once see the Pearl@KLCC immediately turn left, that’s it*wink*. And, credits to Crystal!



  2. awesome food, esp the pasta, I am not so much into the pastries though.