Thursday, April 8, 2010

Last Day - The moment i spend with you all

2 years Diploma, going to be end today. Hmmm~ Last day, i thought i can capture more picture. But, seem like everyone rushing their things. And, some people like don't have that mood. Maybe exam is around the corner. Everyone is rushing to take answer or else have private thing to do. Some friends are going to shift college and some are going to stop their study. I was wish to capture them in group. But i fail to do it. Feel so regret. :(

But never mind, it is ok^^ I hope have chance to see you, you and you. I wish you all can pass the exam with flying colour. And sorry if i make you feel angry or sad in any time of this 2 years.

Finally, may all your wish come true. And, Don't forget me :)

there are more & more. :)

Soon the photo will become older. Therefore, i make it retro. XD~
There is one more ppl who always be camera man. =p

Find him in this picture.
can you see him?
ok i zoom for you.

i can't see dean pei :(
there is no man. haha.

See him.

yupe, that's right.
here is him.

always not inside photo, even he is inside, wont be face front.
even if he is face front of the camera, he will make ugly face.
this is ah joh.

Funny make =p
actually, won't happen in real life. haha.

I have let them catch, cause i simply draw the photo.

pai post again. XD~

They are the people who will going to KDU or Utar.
i won't forget the time spend with you.
There is one more, where she go?

Hihi~ i am studying, hope to score. hehe~

"Must understand this!!!"
"Yes, Madam yoke yi"

Ming mou???


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