Wednesday, April 7, 2010

do nothing

Today is my last second day of the last week in Diploma semester 6, after come back, i feel not confortable at all~ don't feel like want to do anything, sleep, eat, online. Exam is coming soon, i am like open the notes and don't know where start from. So, give up to think it. But, i promise to myself, i sure and must pass my exam. NO RESIT in my entire life. I believe myself can do it. i must have confident. ^.^

but also, nothing to do with online, don't feel like want to read online newspaper~ Because Hui Ting had bring me a free newspaper. Sumore, nowadays all MCA news i actually not interest at all. So, what i am do is go through every link that i know for searching the online selling and purchasing products. such as shirts, contact lens, shoes, beauty care and etc. So, many stuff to buy but NO MONEY to buy :( I have funding money to go oversea. Can i be success? no confident.

So, i would like to introduce you all a link which is from my DearDear's friend - Cheyenne. "" (De Luna à Viva Fashion House)

Hot Korea Fashion

Selling price : RM30
Market Price : RM 58

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here .

Selling Price : Rm12

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Ready Stock Dior Homme/Cool Men's Fashion
Selling Price : 48

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