Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Car

This is the date DBF 4 & 5 who help Shu Peng to celebrate birthday, haha~ pls don't angry let me say, the eldest and the olderest =p The privillege is we can celebrate with her. hahaha~ Because, after this week we having final exam, wish you all get the good result and PASS IT!!! Graduate it!!! There are 5 persons April baby in Group 5. Sook See(1 April), Shu Peng(3 April), me(15 April), Alicia(21 April), Derrick Chin(22 April). Yet, Shu peng is not the eldest among our gang, Derrick is senior citizen in our gang, wakakaka~ ;)

Unfortunately, Sook see had an accident on the way coming to college. Before this, she had gotten denggi. I pray for her, hope after her birthday(today), all the bad luck are gone. Good luck coming around for her. ^.^

Dang Dang, i be prod of my brother. He bought a new. Saga. i think have a specific name. But i dont know is which name. Anyway, New proton Saga. Hehe~ now, i no need to compete mom's car with him anymore, it is better mom let me drive her car.


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