Saturday, April 3, 2010

sp happy birthday 2

I have to mention, she appear in my blog second time ald. haha~ Today, only is her real birthday time, therefore, i would like to post that day celebration here. ^.^

The venue we were in Friday, the curve, i will like to say that, there is too many people to attend her birthday celebration, like almost seperate into 2 parts. haha~This is because shu peng have to shift her study at KDU to continue her degree. "Gambateh, do what you want to do without influent by any others ppl"

So cute man, there was many liang zai liang lui that day. All wear nicely ^.^ And amazing birthday song from Friday's stuff.

Althought, expensive, but, we spend happy time~

May all your dream come true.

couple of that day~

food time~
this is the steak we having in Friday
err~ not that good taste~
feel full >.<

my lovely dessert ^.^



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