Sunday, March 27, 2011

Random Post

*Deep breath* Sorry I kinda not in the mood today, felt so vexed about something, but it's hard to explain though, because the thing is I don't even know what I wan, too. Just ignore it, it's no way to make my blog post so emo*smile*. And blogging do always fresh up my mind, since I'm doing the things that I love*wink*

Wow! Finally, I had managed to step my cousin house last Sunday. Just a simple one day trip after having brunch @lavein with 3K crazy gang. Unfortunately, my cousin sis who used to be twins with me was on her way to edu fair at KLCC, yea, she plan to finish his ACCA professional course at UK and also busy with her exam, so didn't have chance to really chit chat with her. But, I do enjoy with the 2 younger cousin sis though. 
On the way headed to Sunway Pyramid. 

Bought one roxy slippers there*happy*
I like roxy, and ROXY ROCK!

Roxy shirt

Roxy bag from Paris, It's present from my lovely, Dan*smoochesss*
 (uh, I just bought the slippers that day, haha, the others 2 just shown how am roxy-holic are)

Playing their pro camera-DSLR 550D*laugh*

After came back from Sunway before going back to my home sweet home, playing another semi pro camera first, LOL.

Dan is chatting with my eldest cousin sis. Well, we are discuss about camera, LOL. 
And now I'm only realize the important for this kind of camera is all about their lens.

Spotted: the picture which shoot out by the semi pro camera didn't as good as the DSLR. 
DSLR r.o.c.k!

Okay, up to here, End of story.
Let's proceed to night out with Dan's friends. Location at Slicetan cafe(am I spell wrong?), Cheras. 

Have you seen the smallest size MahJong before, well, I didn't. But, I AM after last week. Oh my gosh, it's so small! They keep claiming the biggest size MahJong, I mean standard size MahJong will make noise and afraid of annoying neighborhood. So decide to buy a small one in order to lower down the noise. Okay, I thought it's a standard size small, those 3 players one, get what I mean? Mmm, just didn't expect to see the smallest size MahJong, LMAO.

PERHAPS picture speaks a thousand words, does it?

even smaller than a finger!

The most funny moment, in Cantonese we say four 吗腊佬 are playing the smallest MahJong. It means four strong guy, BL.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Brunch @Levain Boulangerie•Pastisserie

Hello, blogeeps it’s time to new update*wink*. Promise to update yea*smile*Levain, look familiar?  It’s a French restaurant name.

Well, it’s a new place for us; I mean 3K crazy gang, ha! Sound great, we love to discover new place and then enjoy together. Crap, who else don’t love, ha, ignore it*tongue*? Okay, we had a little gathering to have our brunch and also spending a little crazy time there on 20th March 2011.
Hmm, I have nothing else to write so just proceed to pictures and let me just crap according to the pictures or just let the pictures speaks then*embarrass*.

*chick chack*Photo time!
Playing comic strips, mm, I mean just make the bubble talk for fun*laugh*. The first time I made, it was very long time ago, click here and check it out, LOL.

*Chewing* Ngom Ngom Ngom~ mmm~~~~yummy~~~oishii neh(delicious in Japanese)~~~
Food time!

The food is neither cheap or expensive which is what we still can affordable*happy*.

1. Mushroom cream Pasta
2. Eggplant tomato sauce Pasta
3. Chicken Bolognaise Pasta
4. Seafood Aglio-Olio

My two pretty model

Tomato Soup
Potato Salad

The breakfast for me and Dan. Their Name as below*laugh*.

Macaroon, believe me, it's so nice! but, a lil bit expensive.
1-5 pieces, cost RM3.60 per each piece.
6-9 pieces, cost RM3.30 per each piece.
1-10 pieces, cost RM3.00 per each piece.

The way too delicious to eat*wink*.

 Crazy time!!!

I've no idea, what we laugh at, but I like the smile!

Group photo time !!!

Find our clothes? look at the colour. Black, white and gray, I swear we didn't manage to do so, it's from our 默契!!!Awesome!

Another good memories, Again!

Oh yeah, it’s located at Jalan Imbi, if yall known the road of going to Time Square, it should be no problem for you to get the place*smile*, as I know, after pass the Prince Court and once see the Pearl@KLCC immediately turn left, that’s it*wink*. And, credits to Crystal!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nature Owlet (MNS shop)

Good evening, friends, bloggers, blogwalkers, blogeeps(blogger+peeps). How yall day doing? Wish yall have a nice day*wink*. *urgh*Another 3 days away from my blog, again*sad*.Cannot be, man! I've so much March grandpa or grandma story to crap about. 8 posts!!! Don't wanna delay and bring it all  till next month*angry*.

Okay, so now, where and am I stuck at? Here, helping Dan to unpack all the stocks in his shop, hum, my pictures speak thousand words, BL

See, Dan almost bring whole shop to go for Raptor Watch event*crazy*. Imagine we unpacked for nearly one week*laugh*. No choice, because customers and suppliers continuously coming into shop that time. 

And yupe, an important of book supplier from UK, John Beaufoy was meeting Dan. ( This is how the shop look like to welcome him, LOL. It's messy, yea but it's also showed that Dan brought his books to the Raptor Watch event though.
From left to right, John Beaufoy and Ken. Well, they just walk through all the stocks or books, then hands on their hips and look here and there. LMAO. Believe me, it's look so fun. 

He is CK, hum, another distributor, as I know he also purposely dropped by to meet with John. 

Okay now, this is how they meeting*tongue*. They just talking and chatting only. 

I think my busy is finally come to an end*laugh*. No more accuse with not to blog or delay*smile*. Oh yea,  that's just Thailand's master card from one of the customers, I mean credit card. So beautiful with the design, I like it*thumps up*. Banking & Finance students, good idea to do our assignment.

p.s: Change back the page text I wanted, Verdana*happy*

Saturday, March 19, 2011


*Doubting*Why my font style still the same*sad*

1, 2, ... 5. Wow! My blog has been away for 5 days, believe me, y'all have no idea how much I wish could blog for the past five days. But, I get stuck with work for the week. I've so many things to blog, hum, four or five, six like that*laugh*. Well, depends. 

Right now, I'm addicted to the above song and keep play this song*laugh*, Hey, it's so true, WE'RE actually NOTHING, at all, by NAMEWEE, I guess everyone know him, right? It's a video regarding about the disaster in Japan, Tsunami. What a hot, top and popular topic nowadays. Japan is still suffering with nuclear plant radiation by the effect of Tsunami, and Japan even snow now, what, it's march now, huh!(Information get from Thurs's NHK WORLD newspaper). It's a really great and meaningful song or else I won't keep listening right now and I'm sincerely pray for Japan, again. But, I personally feel that it won't be come the end of the world, yea, no evidence. It's just my point of view! Well, appreciate everything and everyday, people*smile*.

Okay, just purposely here to shout, I miss blog*wink*. So, will be back and stay tuned ya*wink*.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Wow! today is Sunday, everyone love it, right? What a cool free day. Just realize blogwalkersssss have been became a trend now, huh. Well, I’m one of it since 2006, but mainly for friends(if not?) and start be a blog walking for others since last year, just that be the silent one, because I think it’s quite weird to post comment tough*laugh*.  Because don’t know what to comment on, but then, a simple hi, drop by… is enough of it, wow, so nice!

Well, I just found out, this- Innit(click) by Nuffnang, okay, it’s been a long time there, since 2010 or even more earlier, but just don’t care when I found it then, as long as I can easy access others’ blog to read, and it’s pretty cool*smile*.

Innit -> discover life. Read awesome blogs. This about you can share topics with fellow Nuffnangers by submitted your interesting blog posts and also view the topics that you find interesting on the innit mainpage, well, this is what I’ll always do on free time. There are few categories like happening, lifestyle, entertainment, science/technology, business and sports. Just choose which one you feel like it and then ‘Nang it!!! And what else, for sure do a favor to Nuffnangers by click the advertisement tough*giggle*. Don’t worry, I’ll serious read through and serious PM even serious click*tongue*.

That’s all for today,
drink more water, stay healthy,

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cheer up

*Couch*Hey, is it blogspot is under maintenance or what? Why my front all become 'Times'? Hum, not really like it*boring look*. Anyway, just look at the next few days there is a change or not, or else, I gotta change it* tongue*.

*Ouch*My muscle ache, again, not leg (not jogging) but my hand and back of my body. Super exhausted because help my Dan packing the stocks from MNS shop for today Raptor Watch event, at Tanjung Tuan, PD(Port Dickson) until 1am  today and did the price list till 6am. That's why, have to postpone to go my cousin sis house, again and again. 

But, I did nothing compare to Dan, he still has to work for this 2 days, too. 我看了都心疼*sad*.
Here is the message for you, Dan: See, it's raining, as I said always Raptor Watch event day = raining day. LOL. Hey, no matter what's the sales I'll always support you*sweet smile*.

Whoops, talking about my cousin sister, just wanna to say that Pavan and Danny have no Fate at all*sad*. Keli, right? LOL. 

*sign* Recently, people around me is so emo, I don't know is it a trend? But, try my best to make my blog funny and let's just chill and cheer up*Laugh*


Friday, March 11, 2011

an optical Illusion

It's so hard for me don't blog, although it's 2.33am right now. Well, still feel the spirit tough, just can't stop writing = blogging. Consider I'm addicted to blog, again*laugh*. Kind of the feel like when turn on the head, don't wanna to stop it. Moreover, it's a good thing, too, right? *BL*

Let's back to the topic, hum, I admit it's not a very new topic, I guess you guys know what I wanna to show and most of you must be seen those pictures or might play. But, it's always very feeling amazing for me. Wonder why it'll be like that?! 

The woman  is real or in the puzzle?
(my opinion: is in the puzzle but look like real)

The column is round or square?
(I saw both)

Where is the lion?
(Where? I don't know?)

Count the black dots!
(can't! Keep on moving here and there)

Is a static or moving?
(Moving, but it's suppose to static!)

Do you see the picture has a face?
(Nope, din't?)

Focus on the dot in the center and move your head backward and forward
(Dan, let me play before, I remember it's exam period, I don't even need to move my head , but move itself, this shown i'm stress! true.)

Twelve or Thirteen?
(both!!!! why?)

Said to be able to see 9 faces, there'll be 180 IQ
(I just can found 5 of it, you?)

married couple or head grunt?
young lady or old lady?

a pregnant woman or a man?

okay last, what did you see??
Click the here to get source
Well, I guessing you saw a couple in an intimate love position, huh?
Research (no specific) has shown that young children can't identify the intimate couple because they don't have prior memories associated with such scenario.
Those innocent children'll see 9 dolphins in the pictures. Apparently, if you can't see the dolphins within 6 seconds, you may be a sex-crazed manic, AMG(Ah, my goddess) Help!
So, found it? small and dark dolphins, has big and small. 

Just wanna shown here and then conclude my little thoughts with the optical illusion. And that's all for what I'm gonna shown. I'm so impressed by the art itself , it might taken some work on it and  the optical illusion also test of our perception, don't it? Just like the last one! It's strongly give to me in the face of life could've different point of views, as so to speak, the beautiful young lady or ugly old lady in the picture, just like when something happened, it's depend on you wanna to choose a good sight too see (positive way to think) or bad sight to see (negative way to think), as simple as that*giggle*. Or some pictures you may take longer time to find out the request, but doesn't mean others take the same time like you do or longer than you. Some pictures you can't find but others can. This has shown different people think differently, agree? LOL.

Still feel like wanna to play? or for those who feel bored and nothing to do?
click this 2 links to have a look then*smile*
There's many links for you to test your perception and visual. 

Have funs friends,