Monday, February 28, 2011

83rd Annual Academy Awards Winners

My post title speak everything for what Am gonna post, Everyone just about to watched it just now!!!
Just a short post here with purpose of Congratulations for the awesome film, actors and actress!
Congrats Congrats Congratsssssssssss!!!

The King's Speech (Best Film) YEAH!!
Best Picture (Iain Canning, Emile Sherman and Gareth Unwin)
Actor in a Leading Role: Colin Firth
Directing (Tom Hooper)
Writing (original Screenplay by David Seidler)

Inception WOW!!
Cinematography (Wally Pfister)
Sound Editing (Richard King)
 Sound Mixing                            
Visual Effect                       

Black Swan

Actress in a Leading Role: Natelie Portman YA!!

Toy Story 3

Animated Feature Film
Music (Original Song) "We Belong Together"

That's all for my today post and yet those are the movie I love it. How about you? And To be honest I like Inception more!

Thanks dropping by, 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meaningful Quotes

How yall think about the above picture? I felt it's so meaningful for me. Guess what? It's also related to my personal blog title, 知足=Appreciate.*Laugh* I'm actually quite adore with those meaningful quotes and always take a moment to read some of'em from my twitter page.  Well, it's my super good advice too especially when I feel sad*tongue* 

Okay, I don't know is it you just like me with so adore to the quotes. If Yes, I wish ya enjoy it let's see what applies to you and maybe PM to share some others meaningful quotes with me . If Not but it's your free day free time, maybe take some moment like me to read through and same let's see what applies to you too. It's nothing gonna to harm you tough LOL. But if ya feel bored, Whoops, I'm so sorry here. Anyway, wish you yall like it. 

Let's start with Appreciate quotes, well, normally how yall to appreciate your life. It's always easy meant to be speak out laugh but not come in action for me. Blaming or  feel annoying is what I always did. Hope you don't same like me*smile*.
I found this quotes, 1. Without sad times we wouldn't appreciate the happy times (I'm fully agree with it)

2. Appreciate your life. There is always someone who has worse than you do (Although I feel don't wanna to admit but Yes I am. A simple example, everyone know the child of Africa, when you saw'em from maybe those pity picture through net what your mind fresh? Oh, so pity and I'm so glad I have every things now. But, how about when we saw those people who every thing is perfect? Oh, I'm not enough with this and that.) Well, this is how always people work*Laugh*. Agree?

3. The happiest people do not necessarily have the best of all, they simply appreciate what they find on their way. So, to find your way, Enough luck to remain happy, enough challenges to become strong, enough grief to remain human, enough hope to be happy. (From this quotes, this is how the way to be appreciate?)

4.Write your Sad Times in Sand, Write your Good Times in Stone - George Bernard Shaw (Yeah, it's felt so suffer to hate and angry one people, don't it?) 

5. What is the Secret of Success? RIGHT DECISIONS. How do you make Right decisions? EXPERIENCES. How do you get Experiences? WRONG DECISIONS. 

6. Forget what's gone, leave what's behind you, your failures and your pain.

7. If you know the strength and patience, welcome the company trees - Hal Borland (This is what ready for my future work life LOL. But, too bad Imma hot temper not enough patience)

8. One today is worth two tomorrows - Benjamin Frankin (Done what's today have don't wait till tomorrow, this is for those last minutes LOL but I think it's also means appreciate today huh?*smile*

9. Don't make a promise when you are in Joy. Don't reply when you are Sad. Don't take decisions when you are Angry. Think Twice, Act Wise!

10. East to judge the errors of others, difficult to reorganize out own errors.

11. I do not count the hours I spend in wandering by the sea - Ralph Waldo Emerson

12. You are not responsible for what people think about you, but you are responsible for what you give them to think about you - Stanely Ferrad

13. Love the person who cares for you because they are the one will help you until the end.

14. Giving up dosent mean your weak, sometimes it means your strong enough to let go.

15. Maybe some people aren’t meant to be in our lives forever. Maybe some are just passing through to teach us a lesson.

Wish you have a nice day, 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The place that I wish to go㋡

Hey people, I gotta question to ask. What'll you do in the every morning after you washed your face, if today is an off day? Let's me guess, facing computer? If not, I believe everyone'll open yours computer and at least spend for 2 hours per day in front of your baby comp screen or maybe 2 hours is not enough for somebody else. No matter school or work even entertain nowadays computer has become an necessary for human being, agree? Don't bluff me to say that you won't touch your computer when feel free, unless you're still child that control under parents, you have no idea with the function of computer, you don't have computer or have a spoil computer.

Sounds like I out of topic huh, Nrah, actually is connecting with what I gonna post. Because I'm the one of 'victim' that stuck with my baby lappy. And I wish to have some outdoor exercise trip that I never try yet. I admit Imma playful girl, but health kind*tongue*

Let's see!
First, I wish to have a cycling trip. 
Where to cycle? At the Shah Alam Malaysia Agriculture Park. The operation hour for cycling is 8.30am to 4.30pm every Tuesday to Sundays. It's closed on Mondays except when it's public or school holidays.  Address : 
Taman Pertanian Malaysia
Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam.
40000 Shah Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia,
Tel : (603) - 55510 6822 / 5510 6923
Fax: (603) - 55510 0922
Click here to see the main web. You'll found another place to visit four season garden and even fishing.

Second, I wish to have a kite-flying trip.
At Kepong Metropolitan Park Flying Area. At MRR2 there, Click here to see more details for kite flying in Malaysia. Don't you interest? Anyway, I'm so interest with kite-flying although I never success in my childhood time*Laugh*.

Third, Paint-ball Game activities. 
Okay, I don't know where is the better place to play but I know near my Dan house, Taman Melawati have one of it. I heard that it's hurt when you get shot, tired and smelly with those shirts or mask to protect. But, it must be worth a try, right?

Forth, Fraser's Hill trip. 
This is personal suggestion for college gang'em. Because I remember someone said we never live together and plan to have a Cameron Highland trip. Well, I felt Cameron Highland is a quite an common place. If let's say wanna to enjoy those strawberry or other fruits, CH'll be better place. But if wanna shooting and feeling the cold nice weather, you've to choose Fraser Hill*smile*. Anyway, it's just a suggestion*tongue*.

Last, Pulau Perhentian Trip.
Basically, S1 kaki having this plan. I don't know how is this plan going on because it's a budget trip, but I'm so expect and so look forward to this pulau-pulau trip. Heard that Pulau Perhentian is the newest, the beach is clean and clear, so I preferred this*giggle*.

That's all for today post. Okay, maybe those above trip you have been visited and is no longer cool for you. But, those're new place for me. So much wish I can enjoy since Imma still a student yet. 


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dan's 21th Birthday on set - 4th Dec 2010

What's today date? I know it's Feb 2011. But, its so important to post my love's birthday story, I faith you guys too, right? Of course! Finally, my beloved become a man, Crap! Wait, what? He is a man, Whoops, I mean real man. Yupe, as Jolin sang, "I don't wanna boyfriend, but, I need a real man!". Wow, he is, always*smile*.
Oops WTF am I write?

LMAO, well, ignore it, guys, because I'm also not one hundred percent sure what's going on the above sentences*laugh*, Imma just once starting to type and dump every words that come over from my mind. 

Okay, Back to the topic. I still remember we both got our own plan on the day, I mean I got plan for him and he got plan for himself(normal, we used to it), since he still have to work on his birthday. So, end up a lil bit argument between us. But, never mind, we still had happy ending. Because what? I love him 

*giggle* Yeah, I  you, Dan, every hours, minutes and seconds. Cheers*laugh* 
Me and you, actually always dating. 行街,看戏,吃饭,is what we always do. Suddenly feel nothing special we can do on Valentine's day which I only found that actually we Valentina's day everyday*kiss*. So, means I gotta try my best to sell special idea on special date in between us from now onwards. LOL

We having our dinner on the Ships at near Sungai Wang there. Yupe, try our first Escargot on that day. Hey, it's Nice. Am Serious! Haven't try yet? Go!!
Tang tang~
Next our main course, actually one more soup. It's taste bad, so I decided not to show up. I'm always salmon-holic and the Lamb chop steak for my Dan. Sound like all is my favorite, haha. Because Dan always ask me to choose food. He is just always showing me everything I'm okay face*chech*

I also treat him to eat Ice-cream Gelatomio, He loves to eat Ice-Cream. Actually this ice-cream special on ice-cream "on the rock". Means mixed it up and cook it. Unfortunately, we missed out to try that*sad*. After tired, Hagan-Daz still the best*tongue*
To be honest, actually I wanna to treat him Jogoya meal, but this fellow don't know the amazing of seafood plus time problem and he said worth to eat during promotion period. So, we postpone till now! And finally it's the time(Jogoya is on Promotion till April),

Present show time. 
Handmade card that include 50 wishes.
I think no need explain what are'em right?
People, that's all for the birthday grandma story, LOL. And this picture is actually nothing connected to the post, it's my present from him when he went to China. His name and my name's chop. Quite expensive! So, China feel right! Love till the max!!!

The end.

Monday, February 21, 2011


What are you spend for today? Shopping, planning, exercising, working, schooling, playing, chit-chatting, reading or just like me? have been spending around my time in front of computer? Yucks, don't even like this at all. The picture as below totally shown up my status today. Gosh, Bored like hell! Feeling of call friends out to crap. But, stop by my body muscle hurts. 

I am'ah here actually for purpose to keep my promise with post about CNY steamboat. but not yet, still don't have the chance to meet up with my cousins sisters'em  to gather those pictures. Oh yeah, that day meet'em at Pavillion. Cool, they're own one more camera-DSLR 550. So, more camera girls on my family then. LOL. Never mind, I still have others thing to share on. Blogging is memories. Aren't it? 

Somehow, I'm planning today. Planning about activities or call as trip that I wanna to try it. Such like kite-flying and paint-ball game. i'll blog ya soon. 

Anyway, I found this 
click this link, if you interested about it. We, me and Dan gonna deserved on it.*drooling* 
Do not miss out this 6 T.O.P dishes. Whoops, I won't except the Beef one. LOL

That's all for today, hope you have awesome day~
With loads of care,

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Weather is getting hot, hotter and hottest. 
I super dislike, feel vexed and easy to get anger. 
Headache is visiting me again. Today might get to my bed earlier. 
Just feeling vexed. Vexed till the max! 

Am allergic to the pill. I can't eat any pill to comfort my pain. 
This is my fate. I've to bear those pain that attack to me.
Sorry that if I've hurt you on my this situation. Because I can't control it. 
Am very suffer! But, I've no way to do it.
Gonna away from comp immediately.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


最近的我,其实心情非常地烦躁* o("o )皱眉头*我不晓得是什么原因。通过网际网络找到了认为应对的原因和解决办法。不知道那些办法是不是很有用,可是呢,看后对自己了解了不少,心情也缓和少许*(^-^) 欢喜*
我不喜欢被这种负能量一直纠缠在我的脑子里,身体里或是周围。这不但自己感到不快乐,而且让周昭的人也遭到不幸福。如何心情烦躁,就是会莫名其妙胡乱的发一下脾气,可是,也不见得发泄完后回得到解脱或是开心一点。赖天气很热,赖别人不够了解我,来自己的生活乏味*(╯^╰ 一脸苦瓜*


我没有工作,但是我有考试。我不敢要求什么,我想及格就好,我尽力了*(-.-)=3 松ㄌ一口气~* 只是,在埋头苦读时对这千万个英文字母轻声地在呐喊好无聊啊。现在的我草草了事,知道要做什么的我,又很懒散。我也许就是那一种爱新鲜感的人吧!*>_<极度郁闷*






去散散步,或者做一些身体的锻炼。写下 10 件你可以做的事,然后开始按照列表去做,来克服身体的惰性。





Tuesday, February 15, 2011


As I mention in the previous post I'll be share 3K crazy gang CNY bai nian + birthday celebration. But, before this Imma share Dan n me's Valentine Day story. Its mean I have two grandma story gonna talk here. *Laugh*

I said, I'll be back to the Dragon-i (龙的传人) to have the CNY special meal menu - 四季平安小笼包. Yupe, we had gone there yesterday. Whoops, one thing disappointed is I'm S.I.C.K so can't open the wine to enjoy, because we're planning to do so. Another thing is I purposely go searching adorable food at the Gardens, the shop named Delectable by Su. B.U.T. sold out and just left one*sob sob*.

This is where the shop look like. It's kind of like princess feeling.
The customized cake by owner - Su
Delectable by Su (website)
S-213, Level 2, The Gardens Mall,
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur
+6012 508 1855
+603 2283 5157
Let's pop your favorite there.
Oh-yeah, don't repeat my mistake k~ try to make a call better than go there and just left one.

(click the picture to get sources)
It's way too adorable to eat hur. So cute, I wondering whether willing to eat by my mouth or not.
RM38 for 3 cupcakes
Of course there are more n more adorable design there. 
Plain (consider like the picture) or complicated like a bunny(3D) stand on the middle of cupcake.

As the cupcakes were sold out, so we chose this sugar cookies as our Vday special food. 
Taste nice + sweet.
This is what the gift I bought for him.

It's a behind of the sugar cookie package. 
Super perfect with the design. 
There is a cute carrying slip on cover for you to carry.
Creative credit to  *5 stars*

What he give to me.
This gilt necklace form Singapore.
Can't see?

ⓛ Ⓔ  

That's all for the Vday~ Let's begin my second grandma story. 初10拜年 + jianlun's 21st birthday celebration on set. I promise to post it on my coming later post. Yea~ here they're.  We step by Jian Lun house, Ming Wai House, Zen Xin house, my house and See Eng house to Bai Nian~ We do not took photo at everyone house but we do gamble at every house that we steped by*LOL*

1. ZenXin house on set
I have no idea when this photo has taken, I remember actually I'm asking Jie to act rabbit to take picture 
But not me >.<


2. Before visit my house we drop by Sering Ukay to having our dinner at Sharon Aunty open house party. Guess what? a FOC dinner*tongue*  Credit to Crystal See Eng~
enjoying the lion dances and fireworks.
Hmm~ the lion dance is actually from SMK Chong Hwa.

Okay, the lion dance is extremely naughty 
Kacau-ing ppl. 

Am totally insane and attract by the poodle.

3. My house on set
okay, have to say that they're so lucky can get 2 red envelop on my house, LOL. 
Whoops, sorry to say that my bro dint give 2 red envelop to my friends. =P
My mum was wearing pajamas to entertain my friends by asking them to give four words wishes before getting angpow from her. 
Look, they're drinking wine sparking juice which brought from Dan.
it's sparking juice but taste like wine. 
Except my bro drink XO.
Hmm~ The thing surprise me is that my bro willing to be the host when gamble. 

this wine chocolate is so damn nice. 
specially the cherry inside.
I felt.

4. See Eng House on set, the place where birthday celebration.
preparing to give him surprise

♪ ♫ ♩ ♬左看,右看,上看,下看,原来还是我最美♪ ♫ ♩ ♬
laugh out laugh
just making a joke.
He is the birthday boy.
Jian Lun

see, he wanna to seize the "Big Apple Cake"!!!

the dudesss~

The babesss~

the gangsssss~

 the blowss~

the special for you~

this is funny from Jie
see the caption from her
zenxin :" 我ng zai啊!!!我要吃你的甜甜圈!! "

latte: " har?!好啦好啦。。。让给你,不要laogai了!“

yifei: "我很饿了!我要全部!!!!“

karen:" 嗯。。。要快快选!不然yifei会吃完!!!

ZenXin's pet - VIVI
You know, she is lucky pet 
who wanna win when gamble. Let touch or sayang her.

Next day~
the presentsssss~


It's mini burger kid's set.
I dont think the burger is mini. 

People, i just cant stop laughing when i taking this photo.
Because the hand is not mine. 
Guess who?

Finally thanks, Latte Wong
for those awesome picture.