Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Promise to share - Crystal & Jess birthday party on set

It's full of dusty on my blog, *tongue* Are you still tracking my post? Thanks, miss ya~

Is it possible for me to blog everyday *LOL*. I try then. Honestly, it's cracking my head because seem like a lot to post and I dunno where should I start from, especially too many pictures for me to choose and edit hur *Helpless*.

Okay, first of all, it should be my eldest brother wedding show time, but due to it's really too much pictures and I still haven't collected all the pictures that exactly I want, So, I sincere to apologize here. I wanna to make it perfect so, I'm sorry. No worry, I promise to share and I won't just only stuck on it*Wink*. I still got another hang out though.

*Couch*Let me lead you to turn back the clock in my blog*Shy*.

Are you ready? Let's go! *giggle*

Date: Tuesday, 6 November, 2010

It's my dear Crystal, See Eng and Jess, Zen Xin's birthday party time*Wink* Of course, they are not born on same date but same month. Crystal birthday on 9 November and Jess is held on 19 November. We having celebration together, since it's hardly to meet out for celebration. 

*Shock* we having our celebration not on a beauty or expensive restaurant, nor someone else's house BUT~ held on M.A.M.A.K. *Laugh*

Look we're enjoy eating at Western Food Mamak. 
It's a Mamak but eat with western food as above shown, seafood fried rice, steak, spaghetti and others western foods. NOT nasi lemak ayam, me goreng, maggie goreng.... *Wink*
I have to say that the western food is bigger enough, Largest. I swear. Although, it's look nothing special on pictures but its really very large plate.
I forgot what it called *apology* yet you see the cheeses. *yummy*
What's so special about the fruit drink?
The thing it's big enough for 2 person to share. Yea, even the drink big too.
I shared the drink with jie, we even can't finish half  *sad*
Don't you think it's bigger than my face. omg. Just kidding. *giggle*

Ignore it, LOL! now who the two dearest that I keep mention. Ohyeah, the two pretty birthday girls. Sorry la wei, it's late post I know. At least I post *tongue* Especially to Eng Eng~ *smooches* You used to ask me when I wanna post it but I'm busying with my task that time. So, I make it X-large size picture on my post here for compensation. *Laugh*
Here they are *smile* Pretty girls~ Nah, you girls are 20 years old. It should be woman. *laughing*
Again, happy birthday. Hey Hey, I never forget what we promise on our 21st birthday k?
Why we take photo together?
You know wad, Crystal and Jess birthday on same month.
So, latte and me also birthday on same month, okay?
It's a coincidence? LOL, I dunno.
Finally, four of us could took picha together *happy*
Latte and Jess are BBF since primary school. Crystal and Me are BBF since primary school too.
But, I'm the only one who study at different primary school.
Hey, any boys, I'm still waiting for the group picture hur?
Do I mention before, it's 3K gang's traditional way to eat a cake?
Yupe, we just dug to eat. And we Don't Care.
At the end of time the cake'll always be
Like that~

Next station, Bowling and pool at Sunway Pyramid. We still young, never ever stop on playing. Playful, yupe. We are. *smile*

What are they looking for?
 birthday girl is playing bowling~
Now I know what're they look at =)
LOL (laugh for some meaning)
They're taking picture and then to see the picture nice or not.
Crystal's bf was teaching her how to play the pool.
Jian Lun is busying with posing. =)

It's awesome day to hang out with you guys. I know some of you not from 3K'05. But, it's not important. The thing is friendship never last. As long as we sharing and caring are enough *smile*. I faith you and me  could feel the way we treating each others. Kindness? sincere? Yea, I'm. Maybe we'll less contact with busy on our life in future. I faith we'll still continue contact to each others no matter how.

Human change when the environment change. Life cycle, we all get through the path from baby into children, teenager, family and getting old. From childish become mature. From weak become strong. You'll feel happy or sad on whatever situation because you're human and this is how the life goes on. But, one thing for sure is anything is possible. So, never give up in everything that chosen from yourself.

Finally, wish we could keep in touch till we get oldest. *giggle*

Happy Chinese New Year *Love*


  1. haha! never blame u k my dear! thanks alot my dear!!!muaxxx
    those photos make me feel so miss all of u ><
    nvm soon we can meet d...send me all d photo.. i want all of it lerr....

  2. Yea, you never blame me yea~ I write till like blame you? sorry ya. All my photo had edited till got blog link wor? sorry yea, I dunno you need it. =(

  3. haha no lo coz u said sorry for the late post ma.. so i said nvr blame u lar...
    ohh its ok.. coz i tot if i straight away save down the picture will be so small.. now i got the right way to save d.. got all of it d.. thanks :)