Monday, February 7, 2011

Home Sweet Home ♥۩۞۩♥

Short Post........... again*LOL*

A new day, 2011年初五,gonichiwa~ (hallo in Japanese). Finally, I'm at my home. Sad that yesterday miss out the chance to gathering with S1 kaki*cry* I should call'em and should't be assumed you guys'll back so early*angry* Today most of the Chinese people are start working or schooling, everyone surely still in  CNY mood right? but except me*Laugh* still enjoying my holidays. Oops, included this 4 lazy girls ShuPeng, Xiao Ting, Ahlixia and yoyo. Enjoy ya~ By the way, Tete aka KiethShu, gambateh in your interview, Good Luck*success face*

Later gonna head to watch movie with Dan*excited* 
2011 New Year Movies I'm coming*smile*
I love Hong Kong 
Great day - buy DVD to enjoy with family

To those who are schooling and working
Happy Go Lucky friends


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