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As I mention in the previous post I'll be share 3K crazy gang CNY bai nian + birthday celebration. But, before this Imma share Dan n me's Valentine Day story. Its mean I have two grandma story gonna talk here. *Laugh*

I said, I'll be back to the Dragon-i (龙的传人) to have the CNY special meal menu - 四季平安小笼包. Yupe, we had gone there yesterday. Whoops, one thing disappointed is I'm S.I.C.K so can't open the wine to enjoy, because we're planning to do so. Another thing is I purposely go searching adorable food at the Gardens, the shop named Delectable by Su. B.U.T. sold out and just left one*sob sob*.

This is where the shop look like. It's kind of like princess feeling.
The customized cake by owner - Su
Delectable by Su (website)
S-213, Level 2, The Gardens Mall,
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur
+6012 508 1855
+603 2283 5157
Let's pop your favorite there.
Oh-yeah, don't repeat my mistake k~ try to make a call better than go there and just left one.

(click the picture to get sources)
It's way too adorable to eat hur. So cute, I wondering whether willing to eat by my mouth or not.
RM38 for 3 cupcakes
Of course there are more n more adorable design there. 
Plain (consider like the picture) or complicated like a bunny(3D) stand on the middle of cupcake.

As the cupcakes were sold out, so we chose this sugar cookies as our Vday special food. 
Taste nice + sweet.
This is what the gift I bought for him.

It's a behind of the sugar cookie package. 
Super perfect with the design. 
There is a cute carrying slip on cover for you to carry.
Creative credit to  *5 stars*

What he give to me.
This gilt necklace form Singapore.
Can't see?

ⓛ Ⓔ  

That's all for the Vday~ Let's begin my second grandma story. 初10拜年 + jianlun's 21st birthday celebration on set. I promise to post it on my coming later post. Yea~ here they're.  We step by Jian Lun house, Ming Wai House, Zen Xin house, my house and See Eng house to Bai Nian~ We do not took photo at everyone house but we do gamble at every house that we steped by*LOL*

1. ZenXin house on set
I have no idea when this photo has taken, I remember actually I'm asking Jie to act rabbit to take picture 
But not me >.<


2. Before visit my house we drop by Sering Ukay to having our dinner at Sharon Aunty open house party. Guess what? a FOC dinner*tongue*  Credit to Crystal See Eng~
enjoying the lion dances and fireworks.
Hmm~ the lion dance is actually from SMK Chong Hwa.

Okay, the lion dance is extremely naughty 
Kacau-ing ppl. 

Am totally insane and attract by the poodle.

3. My house on set
okay, have to say that they're so lucky can get 2 red envelop on my house, LOL. 
Whoops, sorry to say that my bro dint give 2 red envelop to my friends. =P
My mum was wearing pajamas to entertain my friends by asking them to give four words wishes before getting angpow from her. 
Look, they're drinking wine sparking juice which brought from Dan.
it's sparking juice but taste like wine. 
Except my bro drink XO.
Hmm~ The thing surprise me is that my bro willing to be the host when gamble. 

this wine chocolate is so damn nice. 
specially the cherry inside.
I felt.

4. See Eng House on set, the place where birthday celebration.
preparing to give him surprise

♪ ♫ ♩ ♬左看,右看,上看,下看,原来还是我最美♪ ♫ ♩ ♬
laugh out laugh
just making a joke.
He is the birthday boy.
Jian Lun

see, he wanna to seize the "Big Apple Cake"!!!

the dudesss~

The babesss~

the gangsssss~

 the blowss~

the special for you~

this is funny from Jie
see the caption from her
zenxin :" 我ng zai啊!!!我要吃你的甜甜圈!! "

latte: " har?!好啦好啦。。。让给你,不要laogai了!“

yifei: "我很饿了!我要全部!!!!“

karen:" 嗯。。。要快快选!不然yifei会吃完!!!

ZenXin's pet - VIVI
You know, she is lucky pet 
who wanna win when gamble. Let touch or sayang her.

Next day~
the presentsssss~


It's mini burger kid's set.
I dont think the burger is mini. 

People, i just cant stop laughing when i taking this photo.
Because the hand is not mine. 
Guess who?

Finally thanks, Latte Wong
for those awesome picture.


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