Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dan's 21th Birthday on set - 4th Dec 2010

What's today date? I know it's Feb 2011. But, its so important to post my love's birthday story, I faith you guys too, right? Of course! Finally, my beloved become a man, Crap! Wait, what? He is a man, Whoops, I mean real man. Yupe, as Jolin sang, "I don't wanna boyfriend, but, I need a real man!". Wow, he is, always*smile*.
Oops WTF am I write?

LMAO, well, ignore it, guys, because I'm also not one hundred percent sure what's going on the above sentences*laugh*, Imma just once starting to type and dump every words that come over from my mind. 

Okay, Back to the topic. I still remember we both got our own plan on the day, I mean I got plan for him and he got plan for himself(normal, we used to it), since he still have to work on his birthday. So, end up a lil bit argument between us. But, never mind, we still had happy ending. Because what? I love him 

*giggle* Yeah, I  you, Dan, every hours, minutes and seconds. Cheers*laugh* 
Me and you, actually always dating. 行街,看戏,吃饭,is what we always do. Suddenly feel nothing special we can do on Valentine's day which I only found that actually we Valentina's day everyday*kiss*. So, means I gotta try my best to sell special idea on special date in between us from now onwards. LOL

We having our dinner on the Ships at near Sungai Wang there. Yupe, try our first Escargot on that day. Hey, it's Nice. Am Serious! Haven't try yet? Go!!
Tang tang~
Next our main course, actually one more soup. It's taste bad, so I decided not to show up. I'm always salmon-holic and the Lamb chop steak for my Dan. Sound like all is my favorite, haha. Because Dan always ask me to choose food. He is just always showing me everything I'm okay face*chech*

I also treat him to eat Ice-cream Gelatomio, He loves to eat Ice-Cream. Actually this ice-cream special on ice-cream "on the rock". Means mixed it up and cook it. Unfortunately, we missed out to try that*sad*. After tired, Hagan-Daz still the best*tongue*
To be honest, actually I wanna to treat him Jogoya meal, but this fellow don't know the amazing of seafood plus time problem and he said worth to eat during promotion period. So, we postpone till now! And finally it's the time(Jogoya is on Promotion till April),

Present show time. 
Handmade card that include 50 wishes.
I think no need explain what are'em right?
People, that's all for the birthday grandma story, LOL. And this picture is actually nothing connected to the post, it's my present from him when he went to China. His name and my name's chop. Quite expensive! So, China feel right! Love till the max!!!

The end.


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