Saturday, February 5, 2011

黑皮牛也 = Happy New Year => Happy Chinese New Year

Yealoh~ today is 初三. Fast right? Time wait for no man, so how's your Chinese New Year go on? I mean 初一 n 初二. Awesome because of friends and family're gathering around? Fantastic because of playing or enjoying people playing fireworks? Grateful because of the lion dance, my granny call it as lang sai(舞狮)*smile* ? or you've been spend a bored Chinese New Year? Happy because you won lots from gambling? Well, I having awesome, fantastic and grateful CNY nevertheless felt bored some of the minutes*LOL*. Ohyeah, the thing is must enjoy not to get sick k. 

Why am I here? *cough*To take care of your health and to let you updated with me*LMAO* Wow, JOCK.*LOL* Another small post again.

As I said heading to see fireworks. Yupe, I met ShuPeng and Xiao Teng. Oops, not ShuPeng but a small kids. 小妹妹=ShuPeng Khoo *LMAO* This year's fireworks were fantastic. Okay, of course it can't compare with those Sunway fireworks or Malaysia national day's fireworks. Not to forget it's just a smaller hometown that located at a part of Port Dickson.
P.S. : I didn't took the awesome part of the fireworks. *sad*

老生 la wei~ Having our dinner at 海景 restaurants. Just dumps any CNY wishes inside. 

Wow wow wow, of course add some alcohol in this Happy Chinese New Year to make it more prefect. 

I'm now at Subang USJ, my cousin sisters house. All right, just done my dinner at outside. Forgot what it's name*tongue* Anyway. Stay Tuned.


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