Monday, February 21, 2011


What are you spend for today? Shopping, planning, exercising, working, schooling, playing, chit-chatting, reading or just like me? have been spending around my time in front of computer? Yucks, don't even like this at all. The picture as below totally shown up my status today. Gosh, Bored like hell! Feeling of call friends out to crap. But, stop by my body muscle hurts. 

I am'ah here actually for purpose to keep my promise with post about CNY steamboat. but not yet, still don't have the chance to meet up with my cousins sisters'em  to gather those pictures. Oh yeah, that day meet'em at Pavillion. Cool, they're own one more camera-DSLR 550. So, more camera girls on my family then. LOL. Never mind, I still have others thing to share on. Blogging is memories. Aren't it? 

Somehow, I'm planning today. Planning about activities or call as trip that I wanna to try it. Such like kite-flying and paint-ball game. i'll blog ya soon. 

Anyway, I found this 
click this link, if you interested about it. We, me and Dan gonna deserved on it.*drooling* 
Do not miss out this 6 T.O.P dishes. Whoops, I won't except the Beef one. LOL

That's all for today, hope you have awesome day~
With loads of care,


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