Friday, April 1, 2011

Promise to share - CNY 2011 (除二) - Dinner

Now come to part 2, ha, we sure having dinner at restaurant every 初二, this is our culture and I love it, I love my big family, I really am! Hmm, uh, okay, don't expect I got take down awesome food, kay? Because I just wanna to eat that time. LOL.

Big family till need 3 tables.

guess what? Tables was sit according to seniority in the family.

 my youngest bro and 2 cousins bro!

Teck Wei, my youngest cousin bro from SG who bought a new camera that have lil screen in front of camera for ppl to self  capture, the special is, it'll took automatically by the camera once it sense the awesome smile. Honestly, it's very fun to play. Laugh.

How could it not be existed in the CNY.
Oops, spot someone botak, he now NS in SG! All the best yea :)

Shirly, her FB got 3 thousands friends. But she just 15 year old.

my aunt, grandma and her son.

Merry(maid) and my cousin bro's daughter.

another cousin bro's daughters.



Another GUCCI wallet from my cousins bro, now I realize, my family is seriously GUCCI-holic.
my bro, cousinssss, all carry GUCCI, but why GUCCI?

This what I spot in the restaurant, let's guess, what is it?
The true face of abalone!!!! 

Am done, people, gonna head out later, and today is a quite busy day, I guess! Suddenly, need to make decisions for 4 or 5 stuffs. Frankly speaking, am not feeling well, I didn't really have a good sleep last night. Running nose is killing till this 5am early morning~ Anyway, Just god bless, Lucky stars is always to me! Although is messy, but i appreciated for people who understanding me. Just cheer up. LOL!


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