Friday, January 13, 2012

Who else to bright up my college life, them

People should be grateful, I mean thanksgiving

This gonna be a short post, just to re-flash back my group trip memories. There's some people I gonna to thanks too. 

I born weak, physically, use to it actually. A 2 days 1 night Cameron Highland Trip had made me 3 times vomit on the way back to KL. Is Motion Sickness, car sickness *doh*. Not gonna to go in details, why, how, since it's past. And no medic cure because I'm allergic with medic, ha!

More important are the people who used to take care of me. It's awesome, they don't care how disgusting it was, still din't give up. I feel warm, really. 

Don't know how to show my thankful, but Thanks from the deep of my heart, Really. Maybe it's nothing for y'll, but, it means alot to me. Ha. So, again.

Thank you so much, friends. 

Ah yin, Miow n Jess

And Also Mun Ling, the right one with black shirt. 
Kiki, the read shirt left side girl. She is so cute, apologize to me because of scared.
It's okay, dear, I know it's disgusting.

That's all peeps.
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