Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Exam in CNY 2012 - Rainbow ThreeKies

Skip all the Grams story, Again. 3K, sounds kid.. So, it's ThreeK from now onward.

And may I ask do you believe in human could be rainbow?

Yes, ThreeKies can!  
in this 2012 CNY

 Thank Ming Wai reserve the package Ang Pow for us in purpose. 

Regen's House First. 

Hmm~~ Something Special this year, game, A Tacit Game that we got, Girls n Boys separately.

ladies first~

~~~Bi Li Ba La, Si Li Hua La~~~

See So Nice, right?
Girls' Won

Now, Boys Turn

White Wine

Then What now?
Test! Exam!
Yeah, in this Chinese New Year..
I repeat
Exam in Chinese New Year!

Alright, testing how much really know about other,
we 7 people,
before this, everyone(7) is require to write down and think 3 questions!
So, yeah, who's lowest marks who's highest.
Not That important!!!

ZX's house

My house

Last Station
and I'm so Alone
Just kidding!

When the moment Gfs are capturing,

I mean rainbow threekies as in the colourful Polo Tee Shirts!!!!!

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  1. Happy Belated Chinese New Year!!! Looks like you all are enjoying yourself ^_^