Friday, February 24, 2012

2012. Happy 3rd Valentine Day

Life! What a precious gift from God!

I had no Diamond in [V]'s day,

I had no Necklace in [V]'s day,

I had no Wristwatch in [V]'s day,

I had no Super Expensive Chocolate in [V]'s day,

I had no Rose in [V]'s day,

I had no Bear in [V]'s day,

I had no Expensive Food in [V]'s day,

I had even no Dear to keep me accompany in whole [V]'s day,
(did but only last for the very last 1 hour)


I'm happy, happy from the deep of my heart, seriously.

I had chocolates as a gift from my man, which is what I feel valuable than Diamond, Necklace, Wristwatch, Rose, Bear and Expensive Food.

Of course I'll happy, too,  if I get 
Diamond, because it's expensive, and expensive. That's it.
Necklace, more or less the same like diamond, as I don't need extra necklace.
Wristwatch, Doesn't need that either.
Rose, romantics and sweet last the most 24 hours, and slowly looked at the rose wither *poor thing*
Bear, Don't get me a bear, seriously, especially don't wish V gift is heap of dust later.
Expensive Food, we could have it any day we want.

So, what make me feel so appreciated?

My [V] gift is only 2 very normal chocolates that could get everywhere, maybe in the airport? Or it might be no spacial at all for somebody else. But, I just have no chances to shop those places and won't get it in purpose. It's just personal preference that I craving for long time ago. As simple as it.

He traveled all the chocolate shops in Langkawi to get me the chocolates that I wished to have it about 14 years, I even without telling him what name, what brand and where to get the chocolate *evil* because I've no idea at all. 

Everything I described to him is just based on my 14 years memory of the chocolate pattern?! But, he got the exactly what chocolate I want.  I feel amazing, as it could be change or anything else. 

The thing is I even gave wrong brand name to him, It's "After Eight" not "Eight O'clock". Feel guilty I did made him into someone else's joke, you know, the cashier. 

He insisted must get the chocolate that I wanted for a long time, had so deeply touched my heart. 
So, this intention has even more value than the other substances.


Love you & Thank you, my love.