Saturday, July 2, 2011

My noob leg. XD!

Okay, insist of keep wrote out promise to update about thousand times, but why not, I just action insist of just talking? Because the more I talk the more I feel myself didn't keep my promise (T.T) from many of my friends and families ask me why didn't update my blog recently. 

Feel so guilty. Sorry guys, now I know y'all or who do concern about me. L.O.V.E. So, I think y'all did realize not every times I do public my post link when I did updated. Maybe I feel short or maybe I feel that's my public diary which all about my feeling.

This is my 3rd time get injured with my toe, I did visit doctor(铁打), he said, because it's a toe with support by small bone and meridian, that's why it will pain and swell day by day especially when you need to walk. Need almost 2 weeks to recover if let it cure itself. Okay, I can't because I have presentation and I need to go college. (so, am I okay? -scroll down-)

Okay, it's itchy with the cold herbs and need to add the Chinese White Wine every 4 hours for this cold herbs. I still need to go back to let the doctor cure on Monday and change hot herbs. Come on, is it like that serious? I dunno! But, it's still pain right now.


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