Saturday, August 20, 2011

Who to Blame?

Before go into my topic, it's a must for me to remind, no internet no life. Guess What? I'm at college's CC right now updating my blog. Ha Ha Ha, does it funny? Nah, wanna to record down my feeling so badly after MF-Multinational Finance final test, but, home internet really freak me out. Whatever, I feeling like wanna to record down my stupidity

So, just finished the third exam paper (CBM-commercial bank management) which suppose to be yell, "whooray, left 2 more", urg!! But, I can't. As I mention. So intend wanna to blog down my feeling. Did not well in my MF paper on Thursday, because I changed my answer, but change from right wan into wrong wan. Yea, normally I will just, nah, don't care about it, since can't change the truth, but not at this time.

I start feel stress after did not so well in the previous 2 papers, well, Just personally feeling did not good. Just can't stop blaming myself. Aiks~ Blame God? Nah! Just kidding, no idea why god wanna reward such good results last semester make me feel stress to maintain. 

Well, this is life, maybe when you don't wanna to aim time, you did well in final results. When you starting to worry about it and care about it, did not well though. *sign*

Feeling myself contradiction in don't wanna aim high because of suffering yet not wish to lower down my CGPA. Anyway, not allow myself to have same mistake in second time. 
The first mistake was ignorance, the second mistake is STUPID. 

At least, able in start finding back myself after blog. Results doesn't mean anything.

One more thing, so miss you, you are always the first one to share this, but you are not here. You will read me, no matter how busy you are right? Haha.

If I was reincarnated, I want to strive to be a lovely person. 
Do not complain, 
do not laugh, 
not envy, 
bright sun, wind and rain in the run,
 do own dreams, 
go my own way.


  1. Why are you there when it's so late?

  2. Okay, there is timing error. Actually, 1st paragraph wrote on CC, but the rest was updating afterward at sister in law's house.

    I blog at CC about 12,30pm, when the time waiting for mum, but, I stop half way for register the CFP class. since there is limited places so Bee Jin ask me quickly go and register.

    Afterward, go sister in law house to visit baby, since she sick ald, so, at the same time, borrow their comp to complete my blog, haha!