Sunday, October 10, 2010


It's a unique day, i think everyone know it - 1oth Oct 2010, in short 101010. You'll be only faced it again on the next 100 decades. (Aren't you think you are lucky?) So, people take this day as a good day with send a lot of blessing message to their friends and family. Here I go wish everyone dream come true in this little unique day.

I have been left my blog for 2 weeks *>.<* It means I have starting my 2nd semester for 2 weeks. Whoa, time and tide wait for no man. Writing blog is actually one of the task in my life. I tell myself to post it at least once a week, but, naaah~ a thousand of excuse make me fail to do it. Well, I'm not gonna to list it out. *=p*

Okay, I had gone for work with my last 3 holidays. It's really a nice work days with the 2 awesome friends. *Happy* Especially, my dear, Crystal. Thanks for the transport and also both of your help. I appreciate it. I work as Nivea promoter.

With this 2 pretty girls. Hello, you all gonna be woman *laughing* The funny thing was we kept complaining about the awful white trouser that provided by Nivea. Don't you think It's just ugly? *sweat*
It's an event launched from Watson to promote its' new Watson membership card. So, if you are Watson-holic only worth to get the membership card although it only cost RM12 per card for life time. But, those points you earn can only valid in between 2 years. I feel gonna think twice before get it or unless you are rich.

This is what the products we were promoted - deodorant (I never use) and skin care for man. I had bought one for my dear dan~ *=)* Since got 15% discount and purchased above RM15 got a lucky deep. So, why not i get one. A usable tips learn from the work, if you guys - for man who are oily face is suitable for foam wash and dry as deep clean. *O.0* Humph, end for my 1st sem holidays story.

Coming up next to speak for my first 2 weeks (2nd semester) college life. It's a Eugene Lee Hui Ting [B]day on 30th September on set. For sure, a celebration was gone through.

The venue at Korean BBQ, I will be there again. To introduce the foods.
Hang on!


Never miss the group photo. Hah! finally, Alicia's bf was in.
Must be remember, Karen here, a group photo must be there. *LMAO*

Oh, I have no idea why I tie my hair like that. Feel I'm ugly. *=(*

What next again? badminton. I desire carry on every Saturday, yeah, i fully hope so.

They were competing. (picture speak)
Vshan : "Why they are playing that harder?"
sp Khoo : "a lil red, gambateh!"

Herm! Just for fun.

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  1. You're not U.G.L.Y at all, in fact you are beautiful! Inside out!!!

    Purposely stop by to say Thank You! I was literally crying when reading through your comment... It's beyond touching!!! You're just too sweet, and I think I must be super duper lucky to have you as friend (though virtual).

    Stay happy always! See you around :D BS welcomes you! A.L.W.A.Y.S ❤❤