Friday, October 29, 2010


(After post PS: posting while not in the mood, full of words, seem like I has stress out myself for nothing)
Facing Laptop with full of messy notes beside me
without any purpose
Aiks Aiks, really don't know what am I doing *screaming* find myself didn't go through what I desire for or plan for today as well as this whole week. *Sad* I haven't finish done yet a Financial Economics report - one of my main subject for this semester, well, next week gonna safeAssign - it's mean gonna check or maybe call it scan for the plagiarism of the report that we have done. I gonna summarize the 30 pages of the article which title is "Can Central Bank transparency go too far?" Hey, it's not an assignment though we are required to do a 'Report' as our assignment, hur?! Oh yeah, never forget Ruixannne is my buddy. *laughing* Come on babe, feel like wanna to go "老地方" again. So, what am I doing now? watching Hong Kong drama '义海豪情' , It's an amazing drama. Awesome. That's it. *smile* (not gonna to explain more) Oh gosh, I have such many things to do till I have confuse don't know where should I start and then end up watching drama here. *bad me*

Yeah right, I know I suppose to post my big bro wedding day story. But, Not Now and Not Today or Tommorro or even the coming day or week as well. Sorry about that. Postpone, but I promise! (Do you all really interest about it? - lame for asking the stupid question I'll post it in a good mood) No mood. Moody now. *sad* very lazy to do that report although I had red through the article but due to I had leave it for few days. I'm just blank when I open it up again. Damn it. I just close it back and telling myself forget bout it and let it be done tomorrow. But, as you know, there is how many tomorrow? until I have been lazy to look at it and lose my way. Urg, Hate it, man!
Let's Shout Out : Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. I learned my lesson, not gonna to W.A.I.T once I get to know what is it and I will just keep it going on.

One more thing, my sweetheart, dan~ was off to China - 武汉 yesterday. Miss him. *sad x2 sob x2* fully need him now. *sigh* Waiting you to come back and bring me go Jogoya and somewhere else. *pig face* ( having energy suddenly)
*screaming again* Next Monday gonna face a mid-term test - Business Finance. I haven't touch it at all too! 
L.A.Z.Y Everything off now!

Business Finance notes + ugly face
Just wanna to make myself happy and relax
and so for you too
wish everyone Good Luck.

Tan Yenn Rou as well.


  1. EEEE~ thank, hope everything go well on our BF exam ><""

  2. Sure we can go there! Find one day:)

  3. Everything will be fine to both of you!!