Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One Fly - Want Fly

My title is a term that S1 will know who she is. =P

There is the conversation between we both,
Me = K One Fly = F

F : too many subjects lahh, haiz!!
K: How many?
F: 6, all hard subjects. =(
K: Wah, really many loh. But, we secondary school time can tahan 11 subjects, see, we so geng (last time). Now, 6 subjects very heavy and complain complain a lots.
F: Ya, why arr? last time could studied from 7am until tuition 7pm. Now, 8am till 4pm ald gua gua jiao.
K: then we also late minutes for bio la, chemistry la, sejarah la...... and if the time at 5pm -6pm we might plan to ponteng.
F: ya, agree with time, ss time can than but now can't.

So, anyone know why???


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