Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A confusing mind

Ya, i know, there is been a long time i didn't update my blog. Instead of state out any excuse, I think i just start my blog. There is nothing happy stuff to share out, no picture. Just... i'm writing a diary now.

Dear diary,

I'm facing a final exam now, my first semester advanced diploma exam. The thing is i don't have put so much effort on it. I just, feel that it is annoying me. In fact, this is not the way i want to be. But, I had chosen. Well, I really scare i can't get well in my exam. I actually don't expect so much like Diploma time. As the important is i want to enjoy my life, i don't want to stress up myself.

Most propably i will not going to UK in short period. Maybe this make me don't have the motivation to carry everything now. I don't have the AIM now, and i stay at the situation of hope i can going to UK. But, this thinking has make me confusing, losing and no motivating.

Ya, this is the point. Why not i just don't expect so much and just do my best in this 2 years. After that work, this is also the way. DearDear, i need you to control me right now =)

Expect much, suffer much.

I am who I am, Just do my way. =)

Since when i starting to be follow others mind and don't think carefully, Haiz, i want to meet S1 sisters.. As i can discuss this suff with them and they always can give me good advice.


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