Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bookfest @ Malaysia 2011

Am so so so so so HaPpy today, feeling like wanna scream out loud as much as I can, but, of course I can't. If not, my mum will think I went something wrong. *laugh*

So, I shopping today, and I feel very excitement and satisfaction for what I get. Thanks myself and mum for accompany. 

I'm actually planed to go with my college friends but since xixi's aunt get sick and she have to go Singapore plus everyone like so enjoying their holidays, so there is cancellation for the earlier plan. But. it's okay, I'm still very happy. *Scoffs* Girls, shopping - something is really a good medicine for healing bad mood

*giggle* Don't get me wrong kay, I'm not shop for ladies stuffs but Booksss. Oh well, everyone know there is Bookfest @ Malaysia 2011 Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), from 27 August 2011 till 04 September 2011, right. Nevertheless, today is last day but, there is more and more discount rewards. Oh, great. 

I twice visited bookfest (2004 & 2011), and it's kind of a must to buy investment book for myself. Those are the books I been bought. Not many but within my budget. I only need to spend a round off RM89 instead of RM192.95 to enjoy'em. Wow, I'm happy, It's more than enough for me to read'em. Well, I have no idea, why, by getting cheaper books I feel like happier than get cheaper lady's cloths, cosmetics, shoes, branded bag or stuffs...... hmm, For this moment I like this though. 

P/S: the target of next time is those photography books (^.^)

I need to say a very big thanks for Bee Jin let me know earlier. So that I won't miss the chances again. I love to shop books, seriously. But, not everyday every time like that. Anyway, thank you!! 

We stop by Starbucks and enjoying our tea time with my Vanilla Cream Chocolate Chips, Hot Cappuccino for my mum and Banana Chocolate Chips Muffin. Let me mention again, I feel good. *smile*


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