Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Last sem break summaries

School starts in exactly one day, Whoops, actually is 15 hours and I want to know one thing: Isn't there some way to make sure that, in this last~~~ semester, things can just stay the way they've always been?

Perhaps I might not be attend lecture later. Arg! Just stop be a fortune teller here, zero opinion right now. 

Time flies. Can't believe 3 weeks' holidays were just be gone like this. Luckily for me with still can enjoy extra 2 days holiday in week. So, I'm gonna briefly "sketch" up about what I have been done in this 3 weeks here. Well, I do/did fully enjoy my holidays no matter what I have had been done, and so do especially in this last sem break as well. Ya right, it's consider my last sem break. 

Drama-ing... Gaming...Novel-ing... are always my first choice. Ha, so~ I have nothing much to talk about it. Time pass easily when you have those entertainments. Lay down on the comfortable bed lazying and stick with Lappy or books, wow, kind of enjoyment.

By the way, A big thanks to you, pretty girl, Alicia for lending me those usable books. And Sorry for keeping it in such a long time, ha! I'm not do it in purposely but always forgot, you know, Imma forgetful. Actually  I'm a bit unwilling to return it back to you, hahaha! Just kidding. Such great books that occupied most of my time. 

Hmm~ what else, hang-out for movie, celebration, gathering with old school mates and bla bla bla~ Yea, I did. 

Pretty girl with a long leg, YoYo @Loud Speaker and @Delicious on 30 August
Happy Happy Happy 21st Birthday, Again. Seriously, I glad to know you, ha. 
Maybe I silent or weirder sometimes, as I barely talk deep with you guys, but and I do really appreciate the friendship, though. Wish you really enjoy that day then.  

Enjoying the big chocolates, well, it will takes months to finish it. I only LOVE the toblerone. 

*Scoffs* This! Took for fun. O'bon pencils that made by newspaper with wildlife design that I used in the period of examination. Captured just want to mark the different design of animals skin, well, you know, there're pencils, once finish its finish. ya!

Oh, great, enjoy the HZT (好吃得) steamboat BBQ @Kepong, with Alex and Yenn.
Thanks you guys, very very very very much!!
Environment is clean and so those foods as well. foods are taste salty yet still can accepted, but I'm satisfy with the environment and the services on there. 
So, overall is still okay!

Oh~ poor me! Also poor the only electronic dictionary that I ever have, I'm gonna say TaTa to it. 
Because it's broken, AGAIN. I used to repair it when I'm still studied in Diploma, so, I rarely use it in order to take care of it. Yet, cost me hundreds to repair but not at this time. It's the matter of ribbon that FAIL to respond on screen when pressed any button which same as last time, so save it. I'm done. 

Recently, I have no idea what the hell is going on, bad luck is like love me. *Roll Eyes* Monitor, cell phone and electronic dictionary are broken one by one accordingly. Big Sign that I ever can say. But, I might not believe in fate sometimes, as I believe I'm the one who to control it, isn't?

Well, that's all, peeps.


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