Saturday, June 16, 2012

Before Departure to UK

16 June 2012 @11.15am, on Saturday in Sheffield. I've been delay my blog about a couple of weeks already. Having a feel to give up blogging, but, I'm still log in and keep typing for no reason and automatically.

Just that, don't have much words to describe my feeling either excited or expected or coming UK to completed my task.

Is my first time to travel UK,
is my first time to leave home, 
is my first time to leave all my family, 
is my first time to live with other than family. 
Hope this would be my happy memories in the future.
and trying my best to be good.

Before this, I've few people that wanna thanks to.
My love, my aunts, my cousins and my family.

Only 3 or 4 months is staying in UK, 
is a shorter time, but when you really go through day by day,
it's D.I.F.F.E.R.E.N.T. 

Sunday, 03/06/2012
Visited my lovely cousins.
Had a dinner @Watami Malaysia (Japanese Casual Restaurant) in Paradigm.

If you like Japaneses food remember this, because their food was really N.I.C.E.
The marks that they gained from was their super polite customers' services. 
For example, when you needed to ordered something, they'd squatted down and make order for you :) 

Monday, 04/06/2012
Starting to prepared my stuffs. 

My mum bought it since I born and kept it for 22 years.
But, careless me, just broke it T.T

Tuesday, 05/06/2012
my present from my love before the day I leave


My facial products that brought to UK,
Oops, not all is mine.
I helping one of my friend to bring too

Oh, my Japanese Cuisine

Wednesday, 06/06/2012

"Last day" stay in my Malaysia room.

Thanks my 5th aunts purposely come to visit me :)


  1. All the best ya...
    I am sure you will enjoy your new life in UK..
    I think the whether should be kinda hot now...

  2. Make sure you study hard hard and pass with flying colours....
    Dont forget to party hard too.. kakakakaka...
    Please do not give up on blogging....

  3. Hi Karen!!! Just dropping by, DONT ever give up on blogging!! LOL! I didn't update my blog for a long time ord as well! Anyway, good luck and have fun in UK! You gonna have a lot of things to blog now I'm sure. :) Keep in touch!