Sunday, May 13, 2012

1 week

If I could sit and lay down in the middle and beside the tree. An then, my life will become awesome. 

I'm kind of in another stage of my life. It's busying. Busy in preparing. 

I have been abandon my blog for a week and I would still be continuing not blog until June

Going to study aboard for 3 months cause abandon to blog for few weeks. 

Yet, CFP module 5 test is coming soon. On the day after next Sunday. 

Still, need to work until the end of this month. 

No special mood, because no special expectations. Although, I'm gonna to study aboard. It might be it's just only 3 months. And then, going there is really for study. 

Just Normal.


  1. well it is important to focus and concentrate on your studies......

  2. i am sure you will enjoy your studies in UK.... previously I did my degree in US and I really gained a lot experience, new friends, new environment, new culture...

  3. all the best and good luck in your CFP module 5 ..
    by the way what is your email address?

  4. wow, studying abroad sounds amazing! that is a wonderful opportunity, enjoy it! i wish you luck! and don't worry about abandoning your blog, we'll be here when you come back. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  5. Going abroad? Awesome! Good luck in your studies and I'm sure UK will be super awesome. HAHAHA

  6. have a good time studying abroad! xx