Monday, April 30, 2012

My 22nd birthday in SG

A lil hard for me to blog this post. 
I feel a lil bit awkward, don't know why? I feel so, maybe because I don't have a trip with family before(Alright, once, but long time)
And still is not my family. 
Anyway, let me just concentrate only with Dan

In April, 14. The day before my birthday, we, me and Dan's family headed to Singapore (SG). Actually, his family wanna to pay a visit for his youngest sis, Mea Hweei. Plus, the Nature Owlet shop had some Science Centre books needed to be restocked. So, SG 2 days 1 night trip here we were. 

We departed in the afternoon 1200, if I no mistaken. 
The first place we had was the Nanyang Girls' High School, yeah, that's the purpose we went SG. 
Super huge High School, clean High School that I ever seen. Is it bigger than our Chong Hwa Independent High School? Maybe, well, I'm not sure.

The hostel located in between the high school. We only managed to stay in front, I think quarter of the hostel in visitor living room or enjoy the exercise ground. At least, not outside the gate, but still need to show passport or whatever, it's strict. 

And then, we started our zero direction walk walk, after had our lunch in City Bugis *fuzzy*

(P/S: I almost forget what is the place name ald *tongue*)

(Please P/S: we went SG without a search, tour guide and only based on hand-phone Dan's GPS to drive through.)

Next, I exactly forget this place, I can't think of it. The only thing I could remember was the mall still under manufacture. Not yet ready. But, I found very interesting food place inside the less than half done shopping mall. (see the picutre below)

And we had this KOI cafe in Singapore: The bubble tea craze, nearby the mall. Just like the Chatime & Orchado in Malaysia, but, the pearl of KOI cafe is way too good to eat!!!! Better than Chatime and Orchado.

We had Merlion Park when turned dark. Nothing much, we walked a big round from the Merlion Park to Marina Bay and back to Merlion Park(car park) again. 

Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

Reached Marina Bay, Aw!!! I like this place, seriously!

It's very great experienced here, because of the display seen from outside Marina Bay.
It told a story via pictures onto water spray and laser lights, bubbles and etc. 
8pm to 9.30pm nightly, and I remember one more until 11pm something like that. 
Yet, not necessary must watch the shows at night, I heard the evening laser shows was excellent, too.
Click here - The Lights Water Shows, Marina Bay, SG.

 I felt so so romantic!!!

with LOVE

I don't know what is this meant.

 I took this  picture from 7-11 in SG. Why they can sell so awesome food, but we can't? Imagine 7-11 in Malaysia. *sigh*

Next day, April, 15. 
Not my birthday cake *giggle*
I sneakily took ones *wink*

No doubt, we had to visit Science Centre. Because of those books. 

And then, had a walk in JCube Mall.

Lunch Time!!

In front of us was exactly the ice skating field. So, those ppl kept looked up at us when we ertr eating, it's quite awkward.

Nice food :)
Rate: 3.5/5

Before back home!!!

 A small lil surprise from my love, I LOVE, LOVE you!!!
He surprised with the cake. It's okay with no cake this year since JPO has no cake house, but, he still got a cake for me!!! Baskin Robin cake was shown up when I waiting for him.

His pretty and smart sis!

My present ;)

A lil thing that I brought for myself in SG.
20SGD!!!!!!!! expensive.
But I like it. hehehehe. 


  1. lovely trip ......
    i guess tat you must enjoy ur SG trip ....

  2. SG night view is always awesome..
    then together with ur loves one... must be very meaningful n romantic ..
    U didn't visit Universal studio?
    The lil things that you brought for yourself looks very adorable and cute .. nice...
    hmm ur birthday present .. La Senza ..??? LOL
    Have a nice holiday tommorow...

  3. hello was such a lovely day to be with your love ones bonding is incomparable to see you smile because you are happy with them..visiting you Karen ;)

  4. the coca cola hug is kewl... nice..
    so do u purposely drink coca cola to get hugzzzz.. ;p

  5. I'm glad you've enjoyed your trip in S'pore. Just back from shopping trip in Korea. It's nice to be greeted by a lovely post. Lots of blog hopping to catch up :) Have a good week ahead!

  6. Happy birthday dear. Looks like fun. Im from Singapore, and its great to see all these places on your blog. KOi is my favorite too

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! you look adorable as always xx

  8. oh wow, how fun! it seems like you had an awesome birthday! :)
    the food looks delicious and singapore is beautiful! :)

    <3, Mimi

  9. Happy belated bday gorgz! You look pretty on your bday trip! We love this post, so many amazing photos we can enjoy! ;) Keep inspiring sweetheart!

    PS: Drop by our second DIY Tutorial post for your Spring outfit inspiration!

    MLU the blog.

  10. Karen, belated happy bithday! you look stunning in these pictures...I can really make out that you enjoyed your trip thoroughly! Great food pictures too!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday. The thing @ MBS and fountain @ Suntec City are purely feng shui, they are meant to suck your money into their pocket

  12. Happy Belated Birthday!!! So sorry the wish came so late, was busy for exam. Now I'm free!! haha! Very nice Singapore trip as well! :)