Thursday, April 26, 2012

22 years old [Happy Birthday] - Threekies Part

How should I say, April's like a birthday month. Believe me, I got like 10 April babies around me, more than 10 if really wanna to count, family and friends, friends' friends, mother's friend, BF's family and friends ... ... Urg, huge amounts. 

Yeah, even I'm one of the member, *laugh*. Not surprise..

15 April, my birthday, been past 11 days. It's a enjoy day for me, but sad day for my mom. So, Thanks mom, love you. XOXO.

Everyone has been busy with school, work and such, but we still manage to meet to celebrate everyone birthday, non-stop, from high school (form 3) till now, never stop, never end (I wish). Of course, I would never forget you amazing people whom I love with every fiber of my being.

I was going through a difficult time, and thought I had no on one to turn to, and then you came.
I was weak that time and you lend me your hand without hesitation, you were there. 

How many surprises birthday celebration that you gave me, I would never forget, too. They never log out to my heart, it's must to flip every time when I wanted.
Thank you, ALL OF YOU.

As mentioned, April babies are lots out there. I don't encourage people to spend, it's fine for me to celebrate together, for whatever reason, save time, money... ... As long as we catch up. But, not to other way round. Spend much talk less, *suck*.

11 April, Latte birthday, been past 15 days. 
I have no idea why I crap a lot in my blog recently. Are you really read me? Anyway, let's get start. 

They were the hosts that day,  everything they settled, they bought, they set.
The only thing I knew were surprise for Latte.
I was waiting anyone else asked for my accompany to buy gift.
But, no one. Okay.

And then, me and Dan reached, looked at the menu, confused, empty.
The menu makes us no direction, it's a Korean Restaurant, B-Station @Ampang Waterfront.
The food name is way typical, but honest, to have a Korean site dish or Traditional New Year Cake, else where no special with their food. But not the environment, they really put effort in the environment design.

Cake from RT Pastry
Wow, I liked the cake box, I yelled, "Wow, so beautiful, I like it!!!" once Eng took out. And then, they laughed, I thought they laughed for my unaware like I never seen before, well, I really didn't until that day. ZX suggested to take picture with the box, good, why not. it just a box. Of course, I asked whether do I've the permission to see the cake. They took out immediately.

!Fruit Cake!
And I yelled again, "Wow, fruit cake! I like fruit cake". They laughed, again. Asked me to take picture with that cake again, I denied of course, it's not my birthday cake. ZX still persuaded me, because that is my 'Favorite Cake', just took the picture.
But, no thanks.

She still sneakily took my picture
Are you ready? surprise started soon.
Surprise was started
We Switched off the light once got the Ooi Say Keat missed call or called. Anyway, it was too early for us to prepare. We could still talked and finished one and half candle, still not yet reached.

Surprise was in the progressed
Alright, called again, Dan was the one who lighted the candles when the birthday girl-Latte near our room and we hided first. Unfortunately, We waited for quite some times, started to wonder is that the Ooi Say Keat knew where B-Station was.  

Somehow we were right, he really called again and asked "Where is B-Station?", Oh my gosh, we really afraid of he did 'quan bou' (in cantonese), I mean to reveal the secret. Luckily, he didn't. We leaved empty in front with only the cake, wished once she in, the first thing she saw was the cake.

Alright, she came, Music.
 "Happy Birthday to you, Latte.....Happy Birthday to KAREN (a bit louder)...." I was like, what? wrong name! is Latte, until I heard someone said "Today would celebrated your birthday, too."

*exhale* Thank you, meaning I still got a lil surprised from them. *laugh* 
Still, I get surprised from you. And so, it spoke why they laughed me and why don't feel nervous and enjoy in giving people surprised.  *LOL*

Well, not I don't want any surprise, but, they really gave me lots, and since every year sure have birthday celebration. It's like has a sense know that they'll give something in your birthday. The closer the friendship, the easier to get know their moved. I just don't wish to let them down.

And that's why, no name on the cake, I had no doubted. 
Make A Wish, Make A Wish
One of my wish every year is, .... together to have celebration. *tongue*

2 mouths couldn't blow 3 candles


Happy Birthday to Latte

Happy Birthday to Me


Sweet, sweet.




look at the design

Bye B-Station

Break Dance no.1

Break Dance no.2

The present was Eye Mask
She liked so so much, because she really needed it.

My present, do I look good with that?
Thank you, I would wore in UK, no worries ^.^

My LoVe (Next story)


  1. Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for your comment :)

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  2. Happy belated birthday to u karen....
    I like fruit cake too....
    Hey I read ur blog... N is been long time u post something.....
    So u going to uk to complete ur studies?...
    I m sure u enjoy it.....
    Again happy belated birthday n stay cute always ya....

    1. Yupe, going to UK to complete my study ^.^
      Thank you ^^

  3. karen you & all your photos are adorable! that cake looks amazing. i bet it was delicious too. happy late birthday darling. :)

    1. Thanks!! :) yaya, the cake is quite nice to eat :)

  4. Happy belated birthday! Your post here does convey that you are surrounding by people that love you very much-which is a good thing. It looks like you had an exceptional birthday that I am sure you will remember it for years to come. Also, wise of you to value the people in your life instead of material things. As far as the cake, it is something to yell about-I have never seen anything like it. Enjoy the weekend!

    1. Thank you :) your words make my day :)

  5. wah, so many birthdaysssss!!! hahahaha!!!
    belated happy birthday to you..

    1. Ya!!! So, many birthday! hahahahaha!!

  6. Lovely cake! Happy birthday to you!


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  7. Don't worry I remember you! I have a memory of heads X)
    Your comment it's really cute, I am truly touched :') I hope to never disappoint you <3

    Yhank you for your idea. I didn't have thought of this! it's artificial tears?

    1. Thank you, too. Yupe, you can refer this Link

      what you call it, in your country?

    2. yes it is artificial tears, in french "larmes artificielles", to have a humidified eye

  8. Hi Karen,
    Belated Happy Birthday! I loved that fruit cake. Looks amazing!

    1. It's nice! go get the cake :) thank you :)

  9. Belated birthday greetings. Wow! Awesome birthday party! Ooooo...couple-couple already kah? Don't forget to invite me when the time comes. LOL!!!

    P.S. Why a sad day for your mum? Hope all's ok.

    1. hahaha, because birthday is every mum suffer day to give you birth :)

  10. Belated happy bday :D :D :D
    When you April babies celebrate there is so much style :) :)
    The couples shots are too cute!

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. hehehehe :) thank you v. much, but how to say so much style?

  11. I've tried the RT cake before, very nice! Hmm, kinda miss it now...

  12. Happy birthday to you and Latte :) I'm loving that fruit cake!

  13. this is late, but happy happy birthday! woohoo, 22! :D

    <3, Mimi

  14. oh my! totally missed your birthday :)

    I love your cake :)

    I know it's late but Happy birthday! ^_^

  15. happy belated birthday :3 you look happy though