Monday, April 2, 2012

Birthday Post - Xixi

I seriously need to fully adjust my Labels, *Sob*.

Time wait for no man. In April now, second day of April. But, please look backward to
1 April 2012.

April Fool huh?! Did you get fooled by somebody else, didn't you?! Yes! I was. Ugh, YOU, Lim Thye Wei, one of my friend's dear. 

He: See Eng wanna break up with me, help me, call her for asking reason. 
Me: Why? bla bla... okay, sure,  I call her to help you.. bla.. bla.. bla..

*Calling - Phone Ringing*
Me: (Sound sad) Yes, Dear, what happen to you?
Eng: What? Nothing, I just wake up..
Me: You don't lied to me, you got something is it?
Eng: No?!
Me: hur?! really?! Are you break you with Thye Wei?!
Eng: Hur?! No!!! Really...
Me: (OMG)... (I know already)
Eng: No~~~ April Fool arh my dear.. bla bla bla..

Ahem... Okay, that's my April fool story and the only person who got me fooled. How about you?

LOL, come back. It's supposed birthday post for one of my college friend.

"Happy Birthday to XiXi" on 1 April 2012.

I planed to give her a surprise, but, failed. Nevermind. We still enjoyed ourselves so much in Shaw Parade. Unfortunately, the restaurant that Ah Pin planed to celebrate her birthday has closed, we assumed that's because the time near to Ching Ming Festival, people is most probably off and back hometown.

Surprisingly, there's a place selling all the Art and Craft items (kakaartmarket) in KL, Shaw Parade, (click here to find out) I'm actually so happy and they're attract my attention. Thanks so much to Ah Pin, where luckily I'm followed them, too. As Ah Pin planed to buy present for xixi on the spot together with her from those Arts and Crafts booths, and so do am I. 

Tat-ah, the presents!
"Look! 900401"

Happy with your present?

Must use it kay.

Not the Samsung Galaxy, but the bear, phone craving pls.

We had our little celebration @Time Square, Vivo after that, since the coffee restaurant is closed. And she was so kind, she instead wanna to "AA"  in paying the food, meaning, wanna to share the money included her, it's a shame, because we don't eat much and the drink was actually free. Super Kind Girl!


Volcanic! Best!!! Must try!!

We don't have a big cake, we don't dress beautiful, we don't have expensive present.
But, we're T.H.A.N.K.F.U.L and
She is H.A.P.P.Y


  1. simplicity at its best. not been to shaw parade for ages. but with this shop that you mentioned and a coffee place another blogger mentioned, i seriously have to check out the place.

  2. being there for her and celebrating with her special day is the best gift Karen..look she is happy and her smile is worth it..visiting you ;)

  3. nice celebration with the very yummy dessert there :)

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  4. sharing quality time together with best friends are indeed the sweetest present for a birthday.. :)

  5. Thats a wonderful way of celebrating a birthday and its great way of showing how we value friendship.

    Lovely spread of food to go along with the celebration.

  6. Everything seems to be the best when you have good company!

  7. it looks like such a fun nice time. i'm sure she was thrilled to share her celebration with friends. cute gifts, & the food looks YUMMY! :)

  8. I wasn't fooled but I was able to fool someone. ohhh! lucky me :D

    anyway, good to have some good funny, isn't it?

    I kinda miss my friends esp my buddy Janine, we seldom go out after graduation. we're both busy with job hunting and stuff.

    good to see you having fun though.

    happy birthday XiXi :)

  9. Well, there will always be next year to fool someone for April Fool Day! The little gifts are cute and the food looked good too.


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  10. That is the most important part...that she has friends like you all to surprise her (kinda) and celebrate her birthday with her. :)

  11. Nothing like spending the afternoon with your best friend in celebration of her birthday! The food looks amazing and it looks like you three had a great time. I like getting crafty rather than fancy things for presents-those are more unique and memorable-just like your friends special birthday!

  12. Sometimes the best birthdays are simple, no fuss and with friends. This is definitely an awesome example! Happy birthday Xixi!
    This is an awesome tribute post :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  13. Thanks for dropping in my space.
    Nice bithday celebration

  14. Hahaha it's actually a good April Fool's idea... Maybe I can use that in the future

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  15. What a lovely way to celebrate bday! It's always the thoughts that count & I'm sure your friend will treasure her gifts. May your friendship lasts forever!

  16. Happy belated birthday sweetheart! LOL, and you've being fooled on the first april. We think it's good you know. To start the month with jokes and laughter. :) Gotta follow your blog! ;)

    MLU the blog.

  17. I bouhgt it last summer, but it's a piece that is still in fashion this year! I'm lucky ahah.

  18. aww! lovely bday celebration! must be very enjoyed that day right? =D

  19. hahaha :) u kena april fool but i didnt :)

  20. Happy belated birthday girl.. aww.. so nice.. how i love to see when people get older..

    N thats make me slightly younger.. :P

  21. Oooooh the presents look super cute! And the food looks absolutely tasty! Especially the cake :)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! Your blog is lovely :)

  22. Thanks for visiting my blog >o<

    Happy belated birthday~! The presents are so sweet~ :3

  23. Looks like you all had a lot of fun. The dessert looks amazing!

  24. Hahahha!! Kena pranked! Btw, Happy belated Birthday to your friend!! :)

  25. great photos, you are so adorable!!! :D

  26. Missyblurkit, Sie, Huai Pin, Xue Ren: Yupe you're right! Thank you!

    Small Kuching, Fish, SK, follow foodie, Blackswan, Anna, yoyo, Asmita, Blush: Thank you v. much ^^

    Yee Ling, Teddi Mayang: Yupe, you both are right^^ thanks for support!!! ^.^

    Nath: haha, means you're asking me to fool him back?! HAhaha~~ I will!!

    Tina: I'm so so agreed with you~ Thanks so much for the support^^ glad that you understand and thank you so much ^^

    CCU: "Sometimes the best birthdays are simple, no fuss and with friends." High 5!

    Charmaine: ahahah, I get you a good idea though.

    MLU: haha, Is it? wish happy and lucky goes around on this month^^ Thanks for following me ^^

    Caro: haha, so good^^

    Tikkoss: wow, evil! hehehe.. but, wish you getting younger n younger ^^

    Lindy: ya, you??? kena prank too? thank you ^^

  27. thanks bloggers' wishing! ❤

  28. great birthday gift, you being with her!