Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Art and Craft

Not long ago, I mentioned kakaartmarket in one of my blogpost, right. (Birthday post-Xixi). Besides spent present for Xixi, I "grab" (bought) something from there, too *giggle*

Alright, I'm a girl, but frankly, I don't good with girls' stuffs definitely. Like baking, cooking, make up, sewing and etc. So, I'm actually quite envy those cook/bake blogger and quite enjoy reading their blog. 

Now, what I had bought from the kakaartmarket though, A Little Kitty. Ha, allowed me to be noob in sewing. The little kitty is just a well prepared sew package, like T.H.I.S. 

The kakaartmarket in Shaw Parade was really attracting me, the design, the amazing Art and Craft made me almost lost control and I'm like fully integrated inside the atmosphere. Might be that's the reason I bought that and thought to make it to somebody else *tongue*.  By looking at the instruction manual (on above top left picture), I found it not harder for me to do it, and then, just couldn't delayed to "play" it right after got my home back. And, *Laugh*

(Look not perfect I know, forgive me with that, first time sewing consider not bad ald *tongue*)
I had re-do it for 3 times

Then, stuffing the cotton inside. The HALF DONE Little Kitty looks like this. 

Unfortunately, I stuck there *crying* No idea how to step forward into next step. Eye, nose, mouth, seem like the harder part for me. Help!!! Well, I promise wouldn't give up halfway and leave something unfinished is not my style!! *wink*

Give me some time, I could finish it, no problem, haha.

Oh yeah, Almost forget, they do have facebook and B.L.O.G!!!!! *happy*
Facebook: facebook.com/manmanku (cute name), wow, many pictures of the "manmanku"
This is the picture where I copy and paste from the facebook page. I know pretty woman in the picture, but, move your eye down a lil bit on the right bottom, spot the frog, bear, rabbit, dog and 1/3 cat?!! That's what I   bought from her, *smile*


Blogspot: pupurin-shop.blogspot.com *yeah yeah* 
Omigosh, I like I like, Love Max!

 Frankly, this is copy and paste from thier site, but
My Cat coming out SOON~

By the way, I changed my blog template, as usual, say BYE to my old template again, *wink*


  1. such a cute thing although without eyes and stuffs :P

  2. looks fun... i wish i have the patience for such handicrafts.

  3. i love love the cat but i cnt sew it well :(

  4. Oh, my, this is cute! I'm gonna try it out DIY style XD

    *off to ransack old and unwanted clothes*

  5. Thanks for your comment, great post!


    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;


  6. omg so cute. can't wait to see your final product! x


  7. I have no sewing skills whatsoever, but I love the fabric you've chosen for your cat!

  8. This is such a creative idea - can't wait to see the result :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. Well done, it's already starting to look good! I wish I can sew! And omggggg those adorable things from the Pupurin shop look too cute!!!!!

    I'm following you now :) Hope you follow me back too!! <3