Saturday, March 13, 2010


AH HU~ *deep breath*, What happen this few days, What happen with me and with my family.

1st, get a bad news of my grandma, ok, now she is safe, stay at my cousins there, she is ok. Go back home already.

2nd, my computer get virus, i can't do my assignment, but it is lucky my house have more than 1 computer. But, the information is on my own computer. I'm thinking to buy new CPU. But, not a laptop. I like to use desktop more than laptop. And also, it is not the time for me to use laptop yet.

3rd, my mum, fever on Thursday, she told me very cold that day, yest night told me very hot. Now, cold again, "gek sei me" still say don't want go to visit doctor. i ask my bro bring her visit today. the number mum has taken is 30, but there are only no. 14 of the patient. NO choice, have to wait and bro have to work, so bro come back house, wake me up and fetch me go to clinic accompany my mum. See my mum so suffer, her leg is sour. So, doctor help my mum to draw blood.have to wait until 4pm only know the result whether is dengi or not. I pray is not DENGI!!!!

4th, hope my deardear~ raptor watch sell more than RM5000.


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