Sunday, March 7, 2010


Yesterday, went to visit grandma(Ah Ma) which was fetched by xiao gu Ah Mat. i went with my mother. It is nothing much to describe. Once saw her, just only one word can be described, HEARTBURN;心痛.
She is thin and and her body is full of tube, her hand is so swollen. Her heartbeat is around 102 when talking and 98 when no talk, imagine how suffer when grandma talk.

But, according to my relatives said today is ald good enough. Youngest uncle is stay at the hospital but at outside because that have the time to visit grandma which is 12pm-1pm, 4pm -7pm, 10pm-12am. All my relatives is staying at the hotel which nearby the hospital.

I heard my third aunt said, that day Ah Ma keep want to sleep in car when on the way come to hospital, which also her heart is cant function normally, but my aunt keep not allow her to sleep!!!
Just can't sleep!!!

On the way there was the hot raining day, i pray deep again.


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