Saturday, March 27, 2010

Different experience *Last minutes*

First, i will delete previous emo post. I really angry about GH worse services. There is past, no point to complaint about it anymore. The important is, must buy Insurance, quickly.

*Hu~* Finally, i get my time to post my blog. There is a different experince that i had never expected happening in my life on this two week.
17 March 2010(Wednesday), my mother(mom) started to stay in GH and my first time to visit the worse hospital. I was totally shock from my mom, because i never seen my mom weak like this. She was fever about one week and heart pain, after class (12.30pm), my parents were waiting for me to go hospital.
In hospital, nobody want to bother my mom,thereafter, only have more ppl come to asked the details from me and checked my mom when
she was faint down in the toilet.
After 2 hours, doctor said she must went into criticle zon to check again. Migosh!!! when i saw my mom, my heart was bleeding, 2 gluclose water, heartbeat test machine, blood pressurse test machine, oxygen and others i can't remember. At 5pm++, strated checking and scaning in criticle zon, inside was so scary and the smell was disgusting. and i went home.
There is 9pm, my dad asked me to pick mom's shirt, we both thought can bring her backed, who knows, when walked into Ward23 (persakit jantung), no.27, saw my mom... ... She was pale and thin so suddenly. My heart bleeding more and speachless. Crying at outside. Doctor said not denggi, suspect heart attact.
Next day, 11am sharp was IFA mid-term test, Bao Ying had told me delay the test, but tutor offer me on Tues which i having presentation. So, i din't bother bout it with still went for the teat. Of course, i can't concentrated it and worried. I din't slept well at all. This is my frist time feeling different suffer.

The third day, my mom was moved into the room that stay by heart attact patient, inside got air-con, but not suitable for us. This few days thanks my aunt purposely come down from penang to take care my mom when i in college. 12.20-2 & 4.30-7.30, this is the time i keep went in and out to visit my mom. Accept in college the otehr free time was picked up house stuff[1st time use washing machine & cook =p(my hand was injured, haha)]. Honestly, i had no time to sleep, i'm not enough sleep because that was hungry handphone which take care my mom. And i still have went to mns shop to pick up something.

Finally, the result was my mom ate wrong pill and affected her heart and whole body. Came back on Mon 6pm but the hospital told me 2pm. SUX! There was not enough yet, i still had to rush my CRM assignment and presentation on Tues, but i didn't touch it at all. So,12pm was my time to did it, 4am done it, i don't know what happen to father asked me wake up at 7.30am. I can't sleep and take the time to write my transperancy.Last minute again. After that, everyone thought IFA assignment can delay, so Wed realx a lil bit, who know pass up on Thurs. Wed rush assignment again till Thurs. Pass up!!! Last Minutes. haha~

I would like to thanks Nancy,headmaster and my mom's friends who bring her so bird nest,brand's chicken and others. Thanks to DearDear, shi fu, Onesang, Bao Ying, A thaim, derrick. Thanks to go visit my mom. Thanks, lee chearn, see eng, jian lun come visit my mom.

My mom is ok now, but headache, will be gone back to hospital nest Wed. She shopping with me yest, was house purpose la. We both bought wallet together. She is polo and mine Alain Delon^^ Today, went to cut my hair, cut off all the curvly hair left the hair myself. Well, nothing much different actaully . *haha~*

Most ppl said i suitable with curve hair, but i think still not the time to make my hair into curve yet. Because there make me look mature but my thinking still not mature yet, i feel still match me. *hehe~* The thing what i want is my nature hair and my nature colour. I'm just a student, no extra money to keep going salon. Student's knowledge is limited. I need more time^.^


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