Saturday, February 13, 2010


Here is level 2 and level 3 of friendship. I appreciate them, although some may not is exactly from 3K but i spent happy hour with them. They have come my house to take Ang Pow and Bai Nian. I just want to say i happy be friend with you all. Ps : 3K inclide yi fei too. haha..

Friends i hope you all smile more, i love your smile. I will never forget you all.I hope we can have “全家福” again in future.

Crystal. her name sound familiar? look the "My ❤ Friends-sisters" I knew her in the primary school tuition at 李晓萍老师 which is standard 5 i think. Then, we Same class in Form 3 class. Help me a lots. We share our feeling, i had learn many things from her. Last time we both always went to buy shirts together. Went her house Chitchat. I feel amazing because we can same class in form 3. I think this is call "yuan fen". I feel happy i have you be my friend, i hope our frienship can last long without anything happen. Really hope that we can be forever friend.

Bei Ni. A very pretty girl. ^^

Zheng Xin. I like this photo,very nice right. she very thin actaully. Not from 3K. But is primary friend with poi jin and see eng. Sometimes, feel he very cute^^

Lee Chren. A psychology brain and smart. haha. Last time, i play many fun with him. A very good friend. Dunno how to explain you, but thanks when i sad you be my side and give me a lot advice. Hope you dont forget me.

Joson. We actually temple friend too.Always hope to have girlfriend. Last time spend a lot of time to together to plan camp. I hope he enjoy his life now. ^^

Jian lun. He not really good in study but i think he is happy. I pray him happy in his life.

Ming Wei. Not 3K. but very playful and funny guy. best with leen chren.

Jun Han. Erm~ very funny guy and talk joke guy la. haha. Hope he dont do bad like last time again. Now seldom meet, but thanks you bring a lots dunny for us.


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