Saturday, February 27, 2010

Time Square

Today enjoying watch 72 tenants propective with my mother, brother, mother's friends and my deardear. It is really a good to watch movie..It is really a funny movie, it has 100++ of the famous Hong Kong actor to perform the film. Nice to watch.

After watched, i seperate with my mother them and also bought a blink blink for my handphone, cost RM8. I have a luch before go back, this is my food,
Omigosh, it is damn delicious. Really have to try on it.

I forgot the name, but i can explain it. Very obvious, it is a egg layer at outside.
and the mayonis and chili souse.

let see this

Inside is the Fish Omelette, under the Fish Omelette is full of my favourite tomato.

the last is my lovely cheese. it has to wait for 10 minutes.
imagine, when the food is still warm and how nice it is.

i dont know what the restorance name it is, but i know there is beside and beside the secret recipepi.And look at the counter there is some crystal for sell. Creative right?

Thanks deardear, muckxz~ have a happy with you and my family too.


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