Thursday, February 11, 2010

My ❤ Friends-sisters

Sem 5 holiday - 15th day ( 2 weeks 1 day)

After introduce my family & realtives, then, i going to introduce my friendship.
*coach* To DBF do you all still remember the MSCS a tutorial question is about to build a friendship has 3 level? ╭(′▽`)╭(′▽`)╯

Here is Level 3 : Intimate Friends. We share feeling and thought, we know about families together. We share the mutual interest. Poi Jin, Ley Sia, Crystal, Yi Fei and Evelyn. (some may not include in this post because i put them in a gang, i always support gang, more people can make more happy.)They help me a lot last time when i had troble. Do you believe Friend in adversity?(患难见真情) Well, i believe it. Do you believe best friends no need to be inseparable but our heart still link together? I believe it, too. I actaully less contact with them. But i believe when the day of meet we still can be like the time we spend together and share feelings and thoughts together.

I call her jie, we just form 2 same class. We actaully were not sit next to each other and had a ‘river’ seperate us. erm~ every class had 4 rows of tables from the point of view to the white board. Every row has 2 tables close together, then i sit at the row that almost close to the class door and she sit the row next to me while which table i forgot. We could talk and one day teacher was stand in the middle of us to stop our chi chat.<( ̄︶ ̄)> I had do something that i feel so sorry for her, althought she don't care but really care. Sorry here. and lup you.

Ley Sia, she eldest than me, 1 year only. I know her because prefect in middle school. But she had resigned when she form 3. She help me a lots too. liang lui right? She love her family so much and i always support her, currently study in MMU taking accountant course, i still remember she told me that she hope to become lawyer. Well, She can do it.

Evelyn. She help me lots too, Well, her family actaully very western style, not many people like her due to her charateristic. But, what can i say is she has her style we can't talk so much of bad word against her. She has the right to do what she like is my final words.


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