Friday, February 12, 2010


Sem 5 Holiday-16th day
Now introduce TARCians, At Year 1 Semester 1, I am in group 4 but due to the reason of too many people so I have accidently move into group 5 in year 1 semester 2. That is our "

I think I will put them in 2 levels as bellow. I actually think to introduce one by one, but some may not know very deep. So, I choose to just introduce friends that have talk frequently and had been hang out before.
Level 1 : Acquaintances, where the friendship start and low level of wisdom and trust.
Level 2 : Friends, which share the common interests and hobbies, will be hand out and trusted each other.


Shu Peng. Erm~ a very hardworking girl. Not so confident but she actaully very good. Sometimes, feel she have a lil bit, like a healthy and strong guy, anyway i pray her to meet someone she really like^.^ She live at 老港, i think only both will know where is the place is^^ Gonna, meet her in this Chinese new year as i will going to my hometown. Listen to me, you are a good friend.

Alicia. A optimistic girl. Anything can talk with her. Actually very talkative person. Very expert in edit photo and her blog very meaningful. lol Live in Sarawak. Is a very good person. Her patient very good. Like fashion and not selfish which is a beautiful girl, know what i mean?

RuiXanne. We actaully very best friend in primary school. hehe. She is a cute girl in primary school. Has a nice voice. Want to be a dance lecture in her future dream but not her parents dream, they hope her study business. What i can say is follow your dream you will be more happy. Proficient in piano too. Currently learn lattin. Hey, sound like artist right? Yea, be an artist is more suitable for her (i feel). Currently injured her leg. Pray her. Ohya, a pretty girl like fashion and makeup. She easy to let ppl influent.

Group 4

Hui Ting. Best friend with Shu peng, she is the another one who know where 老港 is. lol, because they live near there. A optimistic girl too. But, i dont know how her she actually think. She actually playful girl. ^^

San San. The eldest among my friends, come from Sabah. I think she plan to marry hehe. very good in account, of course she had became an accountant in Sabah. She come KL, is because his boyfriend. i wish her happiness.

YoYo. A optimistic girl too. i think she has similar interest with Alicia, they is the closest. Result good. she give me a feel that she know exactly what she want.

Angeline. erm~ no so much comment against her. Alicia told me that she live in a very remote and alone house in Melaka. So, she not really have a detail skill in get along with others.

Yan Xin. No her photo. I dont know how to describe her. A helpful and good friend, good girlfriend, wife and mohter. She know how to cook. i so jealous.

Come to group 5
all guys.

DC. Derrick. Our good classmate. Funny person. Weak in Mandarine. The eldest. lol. NO girlfriend. who interest with him? go "kao" him. i think he ok =P. Currently funding money to go Redang, London, Australia and bla't know where he get money, i dont think work can earn so much.

Ah Joh. OK, i cant find the photo is face front and just the edit photo which don't know 80' or 90'.Got him in our class wont so boring. No matter in lectural and tutorial class have 2 sounds that we feel very familiar. 1st, his handphone ringtone, *yeee~ yeee~ yeee~* , mosquitor ringtone. hey, it is very powerful, imagine the sound can let lecture stop to teach and laugh when teaching. 2nd, the *yawn*, doze sound is attention by everyone too. dont know he is purposely or not? Sometimes will be bubble on like a uncle, kidding. lol. Kids at outside but mature inside. Like to reading. Love drum.

Zheng Yang. Good English. Scare maths, when no prepare tutorial will be hiding from tutor.

Jun Wei. FAU people. Always very busy. Always not in class.

Hon Kit.err~ a very silent person. lol

(Ps : some font may different and small, i don't know what happen and keep can't change. I give up to do it lol. I try many times still no any changes, anyway, just want to mention it is nothing meaning with the different font style.)


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