Wednesday, February 10, 2010

my ♥ Relatives

Here i going to introduce my cousins,

Here is my father's siblings's sons and daughters.

Keli. Same age with me, when we were both young, we play together, fight together, talk together, shopping together, sometimes, we wear same shirts together. lol, so funny spend time with her.

Shirly. Omigosh, when go to the secondary school like to take photo just see her head only. This photo still better la. When she was young, she is the most noisy, because she easy to cry and scream. The most she cry the most my bro like to kacau her. lol.. nice memory.

Ah Xin. The cutest. hehe, many people like her. i sayang her a lots. I take care her from baby until now, Form 1 ald, still like kids right. yea~ lup her^^

Teck Kiat. Same age with my eldest bro, live in Singapore. We seldom meet, only every Chinese New Year. Also play together when young.

Teck khang. Same age with me again, ok, he is Teck Kiat's bro, same la, nothing to describe him.

Teck Wei, sorry no photo. He same age with my youngest bro. Very funny cousins.

Nowadays, we only meet when Chinese New Year,didn't like last time, when we still young, visit house sometimes. So, every Chinese New Year i sure go back to the hometown. Port Dickson. I going to meet them again, hehe. can take Ang Pow and wear Ang Ang.

Here is my mother's sister's sons and daughter.

Ting Fong, my jie jie. She is the one who sayang me the most. When i was yong, she will posted some present for me. i thanks her for stay beside me, now she have baby. Going to become mother in May. I sure will sayang her baby. Just like how she sayang me.The one who hug her is her husband now, phillip gor gor, also very sayang me. The two boys is da gor gor and ah wei gor gor. They sayang me so much. ecpecially ah wei gor gor. lup them. Inside the photo is my anut and my uncle.I actaully love Ting Foong jie jie and all so so so so so much!!!<3


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