Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I am Who i am

- I am Karen. Two more months later i will be became 20 years old. Adult ald, lol.(still like very childish)

- Currently, study at TARC, diploma in business school; Banking & Finance course. Carry on my Holidays now, 22 February 2010 will be started my new and last semester.

- I'm actaully a very negative person, i always show my positive infront of people and hiding my negative inside. This make ppl feel myself fake, i adimt that. Secondary School had happened many things toward on me, i have no idea why some people will be told bad about me. I don't know where is my problem come out, i'm not the prefect, i have my own mistake too. However those people have infulent me, honestly, i hate those people, until now, i don't know how to seperate who is correct and who is wrong, i really did some wrong or others always is the true or they are just jealous on me.

- But,there was past, i have to learn to stand for it. I can't take that as a excuse for me to be changed my mistake. i'm not hate those people now, but i'm really can't let it go. But thanks them i appreciate the friends who treat me good. However, i very happy form 3&5 years^^ because i have a gang of happy friends.

- Before i learn to let it go, i have to learn to facing and admit my mistake. I feel this is the important for me to do.

- New year, 2010, i want to be more happy. i want to change my mistake. Actaully i'm the person who really can't accept and listen others to say me, the new me, want to learn start from here, listen, accept. Others not always the correct but wrong too, i not always the correct and wrong also. I am 20 years old, i should be able to judge what is the true and false, i always find the affirm from others no matter i do what i ask other ppl who support me, i seem like not find the suggestion but i want the comfirm and affirm. This is the 1st thing i need to change. Other than that, i always put my feeling towards others's talking and always is negative. I think others are same as me, but i excatly is false.

- I love my family, i love my lover, i love my friends.
- As my title said, Appreciate the life i have. *Learn it*

- 朋友都会叫我Karen. 在过多两个月,我就两张了, 大人咯(还很孩子气)

- 我就读TARC,Diploma,拿银行业和金融科系。22日开课是我最后的Semester了,快毕业了,我知道我一定行。现在享受我的假期。

- 我是悲观主义,我通常隐藏自己的缺点和表出我的优点, 我承认这样的自己。在我的中学生崖发生了很多事,我不知道那里来的原因某些人喜欢在背后说我的不是。我其实也不知道的问题,我不是完美的,我有缺点,但是,这班某些人却实实在在的影响了我。说实话,我其实是很恨他们,到现在我不晓得如何分辨谁对谁错。是我真的有过错?还是他们是对?或是他们的妒忌心?

- 这些都过去了,我必须学习放下。我不能把那些当成我改变自己的借口,我现在不恨他们,但是,也不见得我真的真心诚意地放下。但是,谢谢他们我学会珍惜,我很开心我中三和五有一班很开心的朋友。

- 在我学会放下以前,我想我应该学会的是面对和承认自己的错误,我觉得真很重要。

- 新的一年里,我要活得跟开心。我要改变自己的缺点。其实,我也是个不能接受别人说我过错的人,所谓忠言逆耳利于行。我必须学会聆听和接受。 别人和自己都不一定是对和错。我快20岁,应该有能力去分辨别人说的是真确和处于什么心态。我永远在寻求肯定,我想我也应该要有自信心。此外,我也很主观,把自己最悲观的想法放在每一次的交谈上。别人没有那样的心态,我也把它想成那么坏,一点都不好。

- 我爱我的家人,爱人,和朋友。




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