Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My ღ Family

1st, My Ba~ i don't have his photo, he is a police, but retirement ald. he is total a Manism. His voice is loud, we seldom talk , but i know he is take care of us, anyway, i love my dad.^︵^

2nd,My MaMa~ Does she look pretty? Most of friends and her friends said we look alike. Do we? He is the best! Sorry, i always not really polite when i no mood, but my mum didn't angry me at all, sometimes my both parents will be bought me something. Anyway, parents is can't use some words can describe how good they are. I love my mum.。◕‿◕。

3rd,My Gor~ my eldest bro, recently he get a gf, always use the car, zzz, i hard to go out. We fighted a lot when we were both young, he is good when growth, sometimes, help me to repair my computer. l lup my gor.^^

4th,My Yong~ my youngest bro, he is the naught in my family, he like to dance so much! i hope and pray him become a professinal dancer in one dance, i believe him can do it!!! jie, support you

I'm the second in my family, our family seldom communication, once go back home then do our things. No matter how i should appreciated what i have, i happiness, because i still have a perfect family. I Love my Family.


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