Monday, March 19, 2012


After we made the air ticket payment, we went Redbox to having our happy hour. 
There was happened in Fri, 9-March. The last second CPF class on the next day, so, we only had the plan hanged out the day before CFP class and had a small lived at XiXi's house for one night. But I'm not in the staying together part *evil smile*.

Hmm, picture time. 

Ah Miow aka Miowria aka 妙力雅 

XiXi aka Ah Gong
Ah Pin aka yahu

K轮 aka  佳人

Ah Nie aka An Nie Nie



Guess whose hands?

I always liked quotes, always preferred.

Never forget the old and never let down the new. 

Next station, Ampang, believe me, the very frist  time spent so much hour at Ampang. We mainly makan-ing, Pasar Malam-ing. Aw. I like it.

Post Card *wink*

Chicken Skin (5/5) Health (0/5) =p
Asam Laksa (4/5) 

Thanks XiXi and others woke up early morning to Tabao the Awesome Chinese Nasi Lemak for us & me.
It's really really nice food.
I Wish so much to have it everyday.
 And never forget we had this awesome food on almost every Saturday during lunch time of our CFP class.


  1. can't read some of the quotes, you need a wording contrast to your background color

  2. good to have good friend too :) i wish i have

  3. Lovely photos! You and your boyfriend are soo sweet!! ^^ xxxx