Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Look Alike

Dan ask to search a song name, 问 by 林国伟。 I don't know who is this fellow and nothing much for me to pay him an attention, too. Dan tell he is Malaysia singer.

But then, I was bored yesterday and "hand itchy" searched for it from youtube.
My responded was, "WHOA" eye wide opened, once the video pop up right in front of my face, because was never expected I'd see this video again.

The girl inside looks a bit like me, no matter is the face or movement or feeling.
Some of my friends said she looked so damn like me, some didn't think so.
Well, I feel yeah, she looks alike. But, I'll never have so high make-up skill and thin.

Luckily the second time I looked into the video was not feeling that way. If not it'd terrible me, A.G.A.I.N.
I might have an fuzzy memory flashback, there was a Taiwan drama, if you able to meet someone that look exactly alike, your destiny would be change, like they made a changing identity deal or something.
Ah! anyway, I couldn't found the drama again, as it like been years.. 5 or 8 or 10 years..LOL

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  1. thanks for linking me :) you should put your picture inside to compare with the artist there :P
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  2. haha, good idea, fish, why I didn't think about it? Hahahahahah!!!

  3. Hahah! Doppelganger? That's so creepy! I remember the last time I took a plane, I saw this guy that looked exactly like my boyfriend - my heart skipped a beat, I thought he was stalking me! (HAHA) But no.... The stranger was taller... :)

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  5. your blog is cute hun & thanks for the lovely comment :) xx
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  6. Small Kuching: The survey under the naffnang ads, "Your age fall under...", thank you :)

    Xiao Shan: wow, your BF. Haha. Could imagine how creepy it was. Luckily there's still some diff (taller) to your BF. If not........

    Selena & Boho Vanity: No problem :) love to read ppl blog and not forget to leave a footstep too :) Ya, sure follow back :)