Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Work Life

Took by myself
I don't really like people to promote me when I don't need any help, so do I don't like to be a promoter, but, being here is way difference. People who come in, you'll feel some difference, I mean, they won't be too mean.

Think about natural, the people who love nature is difference than normal stress people, aren't they? At least I think that way. 

Took by myself
There's a member called, Happy Yen, click here, well, I've never thought I could learn things from a customer on that few minutes or hours. 

At least I don't need to face any gossip, politic or conflict here. I will call it G.P.C in my blog which easier for me (you can also spell it as Geh Poh Chi). I'm not saying I don't at all.  I know there is always G.P.C out there everywhere, every time, every moment. Well, I do always hate fakers. 

took by myself
I think I've been go too far away, come back. Alright, there's nothing to do with G.P.C. He involves in human development, hey, I love it. I'm curious about human, not physically but mentally. 

Well, messy mind here as don't really know how should I get involve of my main point. Uh.. Alright, like this. 

What he had spoke, all his words, sentences were sneaking around hide, store in my head, couldn't get out of it. Good though. 

What he had told me, was a very useful information for the entire of my life. Now, I don't comment, but I'm written down, how about you think about it?

"I teach people how to be happy" with a smile.

"Nature is my class room" with a smile.

"If something happen, I'll be unhappy if I done, since then, I rather not doing. Because if I do, I'll not happy, but if I don't, he/she'll not happy. Why not just making he/she to unhappy." with LOL.

"But, looking people unhappy, I'll not happy, too." replied by me.

"Well, you can either stand or sit for longer time. But, why not you trying to half stand and sit on the floor, in Chinese we call it 扎马. Can you stand it for more than 2 hours? No, we can't and SUFFER MORE. We even need to adjust either stand or sit after longer period." "You can choose to open one eye and close one eye."

 "There's always a C.H.O.I.C.E, Anything happen, there's N.O right or wrong, thing happen for some reason. You can choose in either way ", "It's complicated yet simple." LOL LOL LOL. 


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