Friday, March 16, 2012

The First Step Move Towards Degree

☆  LUCKY STARs ✮ ✯ ✰  blowing around Ah Pin are my first wish in this post. 

Secondly, SMART STAR I need you in the matter of factly, I don't greedy, only one enough, to remind me take picture.

How could I forgotten to take down picture at the place that we had made our air tix payment. Too bad. 
Anyway, here was it. 
Oh ya, for my title, I prefer "Degree" instead of "UK".
No why, I've to complete my degree in UK as simple as it.

Yupe, STA Travel was the air-fly agent we had chosen.
RM3680 Etihad Airline (2 ways)
RM240 Student Oversea Insurance for 4 months

It's a brief post today, facing over 600 pictures for work is quite tired actually, I'm not gonna go deep, will not continues today post on tomorrow, too. Tomorrow must be a busy day. 9 hours CFP class and have to attend  my niece 1 year old birthday dinner right after half hour of my class, hmm ≥ω≤.


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