Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Primary School Gathering

Been 10 years, and I actually din't took the feeling of looking forward to this gathering as people would change.

Fortunately, I'm happy to see them, joking, talking, chat-ing, refreshing back our memories either good or bad. It's awesome. Especially, I totally LOL that day.. what a funny day.

Glad this gathering I managed to meet Chong Sook Fong as been searching her for the past 3 years.

First of all, it's a must to thanks Christina Tan, 陈佩雯 (pretty girl, very)
She used to take care of me a lot, of course, during primary school time.
She is the best organizer ever, for now.
She was intend to set up the date, time and even place to suit all of us,
Unless you're the one who not willing to show up your face.
If not, 
SuperStar Karaoke @Festival City, Setapak, 
04.03.2012, 7.30pm
Fair timing
Fair Price, too, RM30 with Buffet. It's just cool.
It's not an easy job though.
You know, 
not only one class we are in.
The participation included MCBU and KH....( don't know =p)
total 8 classes we got during SMK (C) Chong Hwa 2002.

Alright, don't expect I'll inside all the pictures in this post. I had back earlier that day, 9 something as most of them back on 11pm or even more late.So, I'm the most earlier, so yeah. 
Most of them created Christian name now. We called Chinese name during primary school time, if then, I still able to remember their Chinese name I'll type here, no, spell is a way better than typing out their exactly Chinese name, *Laughing*.

The first picture from left, Evelyn, "Rong Jing Feng". She is not my primary mate or friend, but secondary. Just that, it's best chances to see her on that day. Miss her. And that's all describe bout her. Skip. Ha!

Second picture down from the first, "Lu Xin Yun", haha, we just can't stop talking and laughing the funny moment we got in the last standard 6 Singapore trip, we mentioned "Xio Hui Yin", she is the one who make us laugh, unfortunately, she was absented. Poor thing. 

Third, down from the second, "Yao Yi Ning", a champion in drawing. An art lover like me, we used to learn drawing together last time and she is my... neighbour? the one who used to sitting back to me in class, so I actually remember a lot funny things that what she had did with the Kent, "Cheng Jian Qing". LOL.
One thing is, glad to hear she study Design now, as doing the thing that you're interest is way better than you're not though. I happy for you, really. 

Middle, "Cheng Zi Quan", MC partner with Christina, he shocked me, He called me Karen (ppl call my Chinese name, no one know I'm Karen in primary school time) in the first met and still said we're FB friends. No, impossible, I not approve strangers even the ppl that barely know, so, the 80+ requests still leave in my friend request list, there is no him. Haha, Oho~~ he got the wrong person, haha, that's all what we talked.  

Right-top pciture, Eunice Tan, she is my standard 1 friend. And Right-bottom, Hey, I still can't remember your name, sorry. And I know him, the thing is he is one of my ABF junior, OMG, we same CFP class on module 1, too. How could I not recognize him. Haha.

Wow, this girl is extremely shock me when I read her blog with the picture, she never wear like that with me, Impressed, Again! We're best friends on primary school, the best friends on that time is most innocent, I like it. But, I was impressed not because of the pictures or best friends, frankly, she pop up her face in front on me in my house during from 2! OMG, that time I need people lot, she actually gave me some hope.

Hey, seriously, who else will give you a surprise after school graduate? She still remember the way to reach my house, thank god she didn't lost. She is now call, Allysa Chong Sook Fong. But, I'll still call her "Zhang Shu Fang". *tongue*

We used to learn drawing together, too. She is now also studying design like Yao Yi Ning, but, different course, her mouth is way more talkative, so yeah, meeting client is suit her. 

I really really glad Yao Yi Ning and she are doing the things that they are interest and love. No matter how future will be like, there is no right or wrong, could do better if you love the thing, could even do best if you're interested in. Believe me, I know, as long as better than me, choosing the course that is kind of like my second choice. You'll know me, know the time I'm the most innocent, know what actually I like, but I din't choose the path. There is a lot to catch up, if you willing to meet up, I will give my time, too. 

Cikgu Chan and Cikgu Yong  And 
Cikgu Lim, 林水金福校长。
He dint change at all.
He gave speech that day, aw, her voice, still the same. Haha!
Bring me back to 当年的开周会~

So that's all. (I think I will upload 2 more pictures later on).


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