Wednesday, March 14, 2012

RM200 Book Voucher 2012

Somebody thinks it can spends for buying their preference books and stuffs. 
Somebody thinks it can spends for own self yet others.
Somebody thinks it's extra RM200 to spend.
Somebody thinks it worth for spends more.
Somebody thinks it's nothing and wish to sell, unfortunately, it needs IC or ID.
Somebody thinks it's nothing, well, can gives to others. I mean buy things under oneself name but things belong to others.

For me, I spent for computer accessories and books. ♥ Books!!!! Not all for myself though. Well, my title could explained the post, so, I'd made this post as my silent blog, Wednesday wad. 

Logitech Cooling Pad RM59.00
PB Sheet RM2.50
Cliptec Stereo Headphone RM35.00
司徒法正龙年招财大全 RM24.90
2012 十二生肖开运书 RM5.90

Rich Dad's RM32.00
Ghost Story Book RM16.80
P/S: Ghost Story Book is for my Sister-in-Law
Obviously, the Rich Dad's for myself

For myself

For my Mom

It's cool with the Foldable Design

Or some Smarter like Ooi Yi Fei,

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